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Pamper Packages at Bionic Hair Studio

Bionic Hair Studio

Bionic Hair Studio(7.7 miles)

R 550 R 199

Cape Town Medi Spa: Ubuntu Touch Spa Packages

Cape Town Medi Spa

Cape Town Medi-Spa(1.1 miles)

R 1,500 R 750

Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry with Treatment and Highlights

Hair and Beauty Gurus

Hair and Beauty Gurus(15.5 miles)

R 300 R 120

Cellulite Sessions at i-Lipo Somerset West

i–Lipo Somerset West

i-Lipo Somerset West(25.8 miles)

R 1,120 R 335

Palapai: Head Massage, Back Revival and Foot Massage

Palapai CPT

Palapai Cape Town (14.1 miles)

R 660 R 330

Spa Treatments at Melati Indonesian Traditional Spa

Melati Indonesian Traditional Spa

Melati Spa(1.6 miles)

R 250 R 99

Spa Packages for Two at Eternal Child Day Spa

Eternal Child Day Spa

Eternal Child Day Spa(9.7 miles)

R 1,650 R 577

Non-Surgical Facelift at Renova 1 Cape Town

Renova 1

Renova 1(15.1 miles)

R 20,000 R 999

Half-Day Spa Packages

Body Wisdom

Tableview(7.5 miles)

R 1,020 R 399

60-Minute Swedish Massage at Spa Boutique

Spa Boutique

Spa Boutique(1.1 miles)

R 600 R 199

Massage with Optional Treatments

Cleopatra Hair Salon

Cape Town(2.5 miles)

R 520 R 199

Brazilian Cacau Blow Wave with Optional Treatments

Exo Hair

Cape Town(0.3 miles)

R 1,500 R 499

Slimming Injections, Lymph Drainage Session and Cavitation Treatment

Legends Studio

Cape Town

R 2,050 R 799

Permanent Make-Up

Define Laser

Define Laser(13.8 miles)

R 600 R 299

Full Body Massage with Manicure and Pedicure

La Dolce Vita Skin & Wellness

La Dolce Vita Skin & Wellness(12.6 miles)

R 430 R 215

Manicure with Optional Pedicure and Gelish

Zamora Nail & Lashes

Zamora Nail and Lashes(27.0 miles)

R 220 R 99

Brazilian Blow-Dry

Oayssis Hair

Cape Town

R 699 R 349

Colour, Cut and Treatment

Don at Studio One

Don at Studio One(12.4 miles)

R 200 R 85

Manicure or Pedicure with Gelish

Glamour Studio 24

Cape Town(7.7 miles)

R 210 R 99

Full Set of Lashes with an Optional Two-Week Fill

Roxy Marosa Beauty Studio

Roxy Marosa Beauty Studio(6.4 miles)

R 500 R 199

Three Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Bella Essenza Skin & Body Clinic

Bella Essenza(15.6 miles)

R 700 R 300

Hydrating Facial

Sleek Aesthetics & Laser

Sleek Aesthetics Laser(9.1 miles)

R 550 R 220

Holistic Massage with Ozone Therapy Treatment

Ozone Therapy

Cape Town(10.2 miles)

R 250 R 115

Laser Hair Removal

Body Vitality Studio

Cape Town(5.5 miles)

R 1,450 R 580

Fat Freeze at the Westin Hotel

Cool Body Sculpting Cape Town

Heavenly Spa WESTIN(0.2 miles)

R 7,500 R 1,850

Permanent Make-up

Purple Chameleon

Purple Chameleon(7.4 miles)

R 750 R 299

Brasil Cacau Treatment with a Cut

Scarlett O Hair

Cape Town(0.8 miles)

R 1,600 R 499

Massages at Kang Ning Massage Centre

Kang Ning Massage Centre

Multiple Locations(4.7 miles)

R 480 R 192

Manicure and Pedicure with Gelish Overlays

Claudia's Nails

Cape Town(1.9 miles)

R 280 R 112

12-Month Weight-Loss Course

New Age Therapies

Cape Town(0.4 miles)

R 1,140 R 228

LLLT Cellulite Reduction Sessions

Bella Donna Clinic

Bella Donna Clinic(4.5 miles)

R 3,250 R 812.50

Brazilian Blow Out and Cut

Sunflower Hair & Beauty

Multiple Locations(9.5 miles)

R 900 R 450

Mani or Pedi with Gelish Overlay

Ambiente Day Spa

Ambiente Day Spa

R 250 R 99

Deep Tissue Massage with Treatments

Tiffany's Beauty Salon

Cape Town(7.9 miles)

R 450 R 180

Wash, Cut & Colour

Heavenlyheads hair and Beauty Salon

Cape Town(7.1 miles)

R 300 R 150

Laser Lipo Sessions for Men or Women

Body Vitality Studio

Cape Town(5.5 miles)

R 1,000 R 400

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