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Renova1 Non-Surgical Facelift

Renova 1

Cape Town

Turn back the clock with a Renova1 Non-Surgical Facelift that makes use of ultrsound energy waves to tighten and lift the skin

R 20,000 R 799

Fat Freeze Treatments, RF and Cavitation

Cool Body Sculpting Seapoint

Cape Town

Choose to slim things down with a fat freeze treatment, as well as RF and cavitation for up to four areas

R 7,500 R 1,850

Chinese Massages with Optional Acupuncture

Rose Massage & Beauty

Cape Town

Enjoy the experience of a variety of Chinese beauty treatments such as acupuncture or a Chinese full body massage for one person

R 400 R 199

Consultation and Hypnosis Sessions

Adrian Partridge Hypnotherapy

Try something new and undergo hypnosis sessions in Cape Town

R 550 R 275

Live Blood Analysis

Sevenpointfive | Reddam Pharmacy

Cape Town

A pinprick of blood identifies imbalances and deficiencies in the body

R 300 R 149

Electro Muscle Stimulation Sessions

Body Sculpting Studio

Cape Town

Carve a sleeker physique with up to four Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) sessions at Body Sculpting Studio

R 250 R 125

Online Weight Management Hypnotherapy Course

Weller Associates

Step in and take control of your weight loss with an online weight management hypnotherapy course including 10 downloadable tracks

R 4,679.69 R 335

Fat Freeze at the Westin Hotel

Cool Body Sculpting Cape Town

Cape Town

Fat cells are broken down by cold and lasers and are ultimately ousted by the lymphatic system

R 7,500 R 1,850

Laser Lipo Sessions with Ozone Detox Treatment

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

During 30-minute sessions, slimming specialists target stubborn fat pockets with non-invasive lasers, reshaping and slimming the body

R 3,250 R 813

12-Month Weight-Loss Course

New Age Therapies

Cape Town

46 modules designed by an experienced alternative complementary health facilitator with full email support

R 1,140 R 228

LLLT Cellulite Reduction Sessions

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Red and near-infrared wave lengths activate oxygen and blood flow, improving the appearance of cellulite and keeping skin young and firm

R 3,250 R 812.50

Financial Modelling Course

SpecCon Online Training

Move up in the business world with a financial modelling course.

R 2,400 R 299

Online VBA Coding Course

SpecCon Online Training

Groupies learn how to write basic programs with a nine unit online VBA coding course including nine units and free codes.

R 2,400 R 299

Brain Map Assessment at Brain Harmonics

Brain Harmonics

Grey matter is measured and discussed with a one-hour assessment from Brain Harmonics

R 400 R 160

Laser Hair Removal

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Get rid of unwanted hair on various parts of the body with six laser hair removal sessions on a small, medium or large area

R 1,500 R 499

Fat Freeze at Salon Chio

Salon Chio

Cape Town

A non-invasive procedure designed to freeze and break down fat cells without harming surrounding tissue, Cryolipolysis contours physiques

R 7,500 R 1,999

Hair Regrowth Sessions

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Get that full head of hair back with up to ten Hair Regrowth Sessions at Bella Donna Clinic

R 2,700 R 900

Laser Wrinkle-Reduction Treatments at Bella Donna Clinic

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Low-Level Laser Light improves blood flow and collagen production, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles

R 3,250 R 812.50

Up to 15 Laser Lipo Sessions

Strawberry Laser Lipo

Cape Town

Non-invasive laser light targets localized fat deposits, shaping silhouettes

R 3,000 R 1,050

Japanese Sword Fighting

South African Kendo Federation

Multiple Locations

Learn to swashbuckle like a pro with Training Memberships for Japanese Sword Fighting at one of six dojos

R 400 R 140

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Treatments

Be-Dazzle Hair and Beauty

Cape Town

A non-invasive alternative to conventional liposuction, Cryolipolysis uses cold to break down fat cells without damage to other tissues

R 4,000 R 999

Cupping and Massages

Jasmine Glamour Wellness Centre

Cape Town

Head to Jasmine Glamour Wellness Centre for various beauty treatments ranging from cupping sessions to massages

R 450 R 199

Dental Treatments and Teeth Whitening

Winelands Dental


Dentists maintain healthy white smiles with various dental treatments and optional teeth whitening

R 1,200 R 600

Ozone Therapy Sessions at Bella Donna Clinic

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Warm steam soothes the body and opens pores so that ozone can penetrate the skin and deliver its healthful benefits

R 375 R 150

Dental Consultation and Bleaching

Dr Raeesa Parker Dental Clinic c/o Marina Medical Clinic

Cape Town

Oral ivories are taken care of with a dental consultation, while natural white is restored with two bleaching sessions

R 3,500 R 1,599

Gym Membership with Personal Training Sessions

Body Future

Cape Town

Kickstart your fitness with a one-month gym membership, three personal training sessions and unlimited Zumba and boot camp classes

R 1,200 R 99

Cavitation Slimming Sessions

Studio P Nail & Body Salon

Cape Town

Feel like a slimmer Groupie at Studio P Nail & Body Salon with cavitation slimming sessions and optional fir sauna blanket treatment

R 400 R 140

Spider Vein Removal

Laser Lipo & Beauty Clinic


Using IPL, trained professional zap at spider veins during three sessions using a 540nm module

R 1,500 R 599

Pilates Sessions

Green Leaf Pilates Centre

Cape Town

Get fit and active with up to 12 Pilates Sessions at Green Leaf Pilates Centre

R 320 R 99

Fat Freezing and Radio Frequency Sessions

Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic

Cape Town

Rejuvenate the skin and slim down with a Slimming for one, two or four areas and optional Radio Frequency session

R 5,500 R 999

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Sessions

Laser Lipo & Beauty Clinic


Non-invasive laser light targets localised fat deposits, shaping silhouettes while the FIR uses infrared light to gently warm the body

R 1,600 R 799

Laser Lipo and Sauna Sessions

Vintage Rose Spa @ De Oude Caab Guest House

Cape Town

Slim things down with up to six laser lipo and sauna sessions

R 900 R 399

Online Coaching

Galliards Fitness


Gain access to certified personal fitness trainers, customised exercise instruction and weight loss, fitness and health programmes

R 350 R 105

Muay Thai Training Sessions

Monkon Muay Thai & MMA


Learn a new skill with up to eight Muay Thai Training Sessions at Monkon Muay Thai & MMA

R 100 R 49

Laser Lipo Sessions

Salon Chio

Slimmers sculpt more svelte figures with non-invasive laser lipo sessions

R 1,400 R 490

Cryolipolysis Sessions at Langaro


Cape Town

Fat cells are destroyed using cooling technology, ultimately breaking them up to be absorbed by the lymphatic system

R 3,000 R 1,999

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection