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LLLT Cellulite Reduction Sessions

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Red and near-infrared wave lengths activate oxygen and blood flow, improving the appearance of cellulite and keeping skin young and firm

R 3,250 R 812.50

Brain Map Assessment

Brain Harmonics

Multiple Locations

Grey matter is measured and discussed with a one-hour assessment from Brain Harmonics

R 400 R 160

Laser Lipo Sessions with Ozone Detox Treatment

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

During 30-minute sessions, slimming specialists target stubborn fat pockets with non-invasive lasers, reshaping and slimming the body

R 3,250 R 813

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Laserderm Claremont

Cape Town

Q-switched lasers shatter ink pigment, allowing fragmented hues to be purged by the body’s natural healing process

R 350 R 140

Gym Membership or Bootcamp

Body Future

Cape Town

Kickstart your fitness with a three-month gym membership or eight Boot Camp sessions at selected Body Future gyms

R 795 R 199

Pole Dancing Lessons

Vertical Secrets Pole Dance Fitness Studios

Cape Town

Dancers attend classes twice a work, engaging muscles they didn’t know they had, to improve flexibility and self-confidence

R 650 R 227.50

Pilates Classes

Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre CT

Cape Town

Improve core strength, flexibility and overall balance with Pilates at Chinese Martial Arts Health Centre in Cape Town

R 400 R 160

Fu Fit Classes

Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre CT

Cape Town

Fu Fit classes combine a variety of physical training techniques into a jam-packed session focusing on improving muscular strength

R 400 R 120

One Year Affiliated Membership

Affordable Golf

A one year affiliated membership allowing Groupies to play golf on any golf course in SA at Visitors Affiliated green fees

R 3,150 R 799

Up to 10 One-Hour Sessions at CrossFit


Durbanville / Stellenbosch

Workouteers gain access to 3, 5 or 10 one-hour sessions at one of the two CrossFits in Stellenbosch or Durbanville

R 360 R 99

Laser Lipo Sessions at i–Lipo Somerset West

i–Lipo Somerset West

Western Cape

Lasers break down fat pockets, contouring and slimming down physiques

R 900 R 270

12-Month Weight-Loss Course

New Age Therapies

Cape Town

46 modules designed by an experienced alternative complementary health facilitator with full email support

R 1,140 R 228

Financial Modelling Course

SpecCon Online Training

Move up in the business world with a financial modelling course.

R 2,400 R 299

Laser Lipo Session For Two, Four or Six Areas

Laser Lipo & Beauty Clinic

Cape Town

Slim down with laser lipo sessions for two, four or six areas

R 1,000 R 350

Spider Vein Treatments

Shalin Health & Skin Care

Cape Town

Qualified therapists help to remove spider veins during up to 15 treatments

R 1,900 R 760

18-Hole Game of Golf

Worcester golf club

Cape Town

Take a swing with a two or four ball game of golf on a Gary Player designed golf course only an hour away from Cape Town

R 700 R 350

Online VBA Coding Course

SpecCon Online Training

Groupies learn how to write basic programs with a nine unit online VBA coding course including nine units and free codes.

R 2,400 R 299

Up to 15 Laser Lipo Sessions

Strawberry Laser Lipo

Cape Town

Non-invasive laser light targets localized fat deposits, shaping silhouettes

R 3,000 R 1,050

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Treatments

Be-Dazzle Hair and Beauty

Cape Town

A non-invasive alternative to conventional liposuction, Cryolipolysis uses cold to break down fat cells without damage to other tissues

R 4,000 R 999

Laser Wrinkle-Reduction Treatments at Bella Donna Clinic

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Low-Level Laser Light improves blood flow and collagen production, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles

R 3,250 R 812.50

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Body Inc Health & Lifestyle Clinic

Cape Town

Using a 100% natural teeth whitening system, Groupies keep their ivories tickled with Ice White Teeth whitening gel

R 995 R 497

Cryolipolysis with RF and Cavitation

Cool Body Sculpting Cape Town

Cape Town

Using a cooling applicator, fat cells are frozen and ultimately broken up to be ousted by the lymphatic system

R 4,250 R 1,487

Shape Up with RF Bipolar Cavitation Sessions

Boudoir Beauty

Cape Town

Using radio frequency, fat molecules are heated and broken down and subsequently ousted through the metabolic system

R 2,740 R 959

Witness The Fitness at 360 Specialized Training

360 Specialized Training

Cape Town

Groupies get fighting fit with two personalised training sessions and a week of classes including kettlebells and warrior workouts

R 600 R 99

Ozone Therapy Sessions at Bella Donna Clinic

Bella Donna Clinic

Cape Town

Warm steam soothes the body and opens pores so that ozone can penetrate the skin and deliver its healthful benefits

R 375 R 150

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Sessions

Laser Lipo & Beauty Clinic


Non-invasive laser light targets localized fat deposits, shaping silhouettes while the FIR uses infrared light to gently warm the body

R 1,600 R 799

Live Blood Analysis Consultation

Balance Natural Health Clinic

Cape Town

Get acquainted with your blood cells with a live blood analysis and a comprehensive report at Balance Natural Health Clinic

R 380 R 190

R500 Value Voucher at Execuspecs Nationwide


Groupies take care of their peepers with a R500 value voucher Execuspecs redeemable nationwide

R 25

Online Coaching

Galliards Fitness


Gain access to certified personal fitness trainers, customised exercise instruction and weight loss, fitness and health programmes

R 350 R 105

Strap on Training Boots

Bootcamp Galore

Cape Town

Groupies go from couch potato to trampoline skinny fry, with bootcamp and personal training sessions

R 505 R 199