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Svelte Physiques with Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Sessions

U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic

Kempton Park

Using a cooling applicator, fat cells are frozen and ultimately broken up to be ousted by the lymphatic system

R 1,800 R 540

Putter Up for a Round of Golf at Sun Valley Golf

Sun Valley golf


Golfers take to the green for a round of golf for two or four people on an 18-hole short course

R 130 R 65

Consultation with Teeth Cleaning and X-Rays

Rivonia Dental Studio


Dental experts examine smiles for oral problems with a consult and x-rays, before a cleaning removes build-up

R 680 R 340

Get Fit and Flexi at South Pole Studio

South Pole Studio


Suitable for beginners to intermediate level dancers, the classes suite all levels of fitness and body types

R 480 R 199

Get Your Wheels Spinning Again with Five Park Passes

The Cycle hub


Cyclists have their bicycles given a once over, while enjoying access to the cycle park suitable for beginners and experts

R 125 R 62

Four-Ball Game of Golf with Two Carts

Parys Golf Club

Free State

Golfers hit the green for a four ball game of golf with two carts and green fees covered.

R 1,800 R 799

30 Day National Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness South Africa

30 Day National Memberships grant access to world-class facilities, inspiring personal trainers and a range of classes

R 1,100 R 199

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome Sessions

Fantastic body and beauty clinic


Centimetres are shaved off with laser lipo sessions followed by FIR sauna dome sessions

R 2,000 R 650

R500 Value Voucher at Execuspecs Nationwide


Groupies take care of their peepers with a R500 value voucher Execuspecs redeemable nationwide

R 25

Spa Packages



Groupies are treated to a choice of spa packages all inclusive of a non-surgical facelift and skin tightening treatment

R 1,200 R 399

Four-ball Round of Golf with Two Carts

Eye of Africa Golf & Residential Estate


Take to the green for a game of golf with two carts and four balls on the exclusive designed Greg Norman Gold Course.

R 2,620 R 1,190

One Year Affiliated Membership

Affordable Golf

A one year affiliated membership allowing Groupies to play golf on any golf course in SA at Visitors Affiliated green fees

R 3,150 R 799

Best of 2014: 15-Minute 4D Babyscan with Imaging and Video

4D Vivid View


See your baby in four dimensions including real-time movement including a CD with the live feed and still photos

R 800 R 400

Two, Three or Five Fat Freeze Sessions

Rapid Contour (Honeydew)


Cold is used to break down fat cells which are consequently ousted by the lymphatic system

R 10,000 R 1,499

Quantum Health Analyzer Full Body Scan

Med Clinic 24/7


Full body scans yield a wealth of information about patient health and physiology

R 780 R 195

Laser Lipo Sessions at Rapid Contour – Honeydew

Rapid Contour (Honeydew)


Non invasive lasers break down fat pockets causing excess centimetres to be ousted by the the bodies lymphatic system.

R 2,000 R 599

One-Hour Brain Map Assessment

Brain Harmonics

Multiple Locations

Grey matter is measured and discussed with a one-hour assessment from Brain Harmonics

R 400 R 160

Three DaVinci Teeth Whitening Sessions

Teeth SA


Making use of a natural teeth whitening gel and blue LED light, the DaVinci System busts stains and returns teeth to sparkly white

R 1,800 R 900

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session

Marietta Hindy-Solyom


Clinical hypnotherapist uses the power of suggestion to help clients to kick their nicotine habit during one-hour sessions

R 1,000 R 249

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Treatment

Salon Aesthete


Cold breaks down fat cells causing them to break up and be disposed of through the body’s own lymphatic system.

R 5,000 R 1,499

Laser Lipo Sessions

Waist Away


Bust stubborn fat cells and shed centimeters with laser lipo sessions at Waist Away

R 1,750 R 550

18-Hole Game of Golf

Southdowns Country Club


Putters take to the green for 18 holes on the Southdown course, designed by Bobby Verwey

R 260 R 130

Laser Lipo Sessions

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven


Give free-loading fat cells their final notice with laser lipo sessions at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven

R 2,000 R 599

12-Month Weight-Loss Course

New Age Therapies

Cape Town

46 modules designed by an experienced alternative complementary health facilitator with full email support

R 1,140 R 228

Financial Modelling Course

SpecCon Online Training

Move up in the business world with a financial modelling course.

R 2,400 R 299

Professional Skin Analysis and Mole Removal

Sandton Beauty Clinic & Supplies


A trusted Somatolagist with 20 years of experience analyses moles before removing them with the cautery method

R 550 R 220

Live Blood Analysis with a Blood Type Screening

Magnificent Health


A pin-prick of blood identifies imbalances and deficiencies in the body

R 725 R 189

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Treatments

Brazilian Bodies


Trained therapists make use of state-of-the-art Italian Coax-Med technology to slim and tone bodies

R 1,400 R 490

18-Hole Round of Golf with a Cart

Randfontein Golf Club


Take to the green with an 18-hole round of gold with a golf cart on weekends and weekdays

R 580 R 299

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven


Non-invasive lasers break down fat cells while the FIR sauna dome sessions sweatouts excess fat cells, leading to a slimmer appearance

R 1,800 R 630

Online VBA Coding Course

SpecCon Online Training

Groupies learn how to write basic programs with a nine unit online VBA coding course including nine units and free codes.

R 2,400 R 299

Hypnotherapy Sessions for Weight-Loss or to Quit Smoking

Green Ivory Holistic Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy sessions inspire and empower clients to create permanent changes

R 1,000 R 199

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze

24/7 hair & beaty


This treatment harnesses the power of low temperatures to work towards contouring the body

R 4,000 R 1,199

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven


Non-invasive lasers break down fat cells while the FIR sauna dome sessions sweats out excess fat cells, leading to a slimmer appearance

R 1,800 R 630

Unlimited Access to MMA Classes

Iron Athletics


Fighters enjoy unlimited access to MMA classes for one, two or three months, taking place at Iron Athletics gym

R 650 R 292.50

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage and Rejuvenating Facial

Arcangel777 Beauty Solutions


Trained strokes and essentials relieve tension while a facial rejuvenates the skin by stimulating circulation

R 250 R 112

Slimming or Chilli Wrap

French Clinic


Choose between a chilli or slimming wrap and reduce the appearance of cellulite while detoxing the body

R 190 R 95

Laser Lipo, FIR Sauna, a Body Scan and an Eating Plan at Slim...

Slim Curves


Winter bodies shed their excess with lipo sessions, FIR sauna blanket sessions, body scans and an eating plan

R 1,800 R 630

Scelotherapy- Leg Vein Removal Sessions

Aesthetics by Dr. Deepa Parbhoo


During a 30-minute session, unsightly leg veins appearance are minimised and in some cases removed

R 1,000 R 499

Breast Enhancement Sessions

Beauty on Oxford


Groupies cups run over with a non-invasive breast enhancement treatment that increases shape, firmness and size

R 780 R 350

Gym Membership for Iron Athletics

Iron Athletics


Couch potatoes become lean mean skinny fries with a gym membership to Iron Athletics where skilled trainers will build new bodies.

R 650 R 292.50

Scar or Stretch Mark Removal

Plush Laser And Beauty Clinique


Laser energy encourages collagen production, softening lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars during 30 minute sessions

R 1,050 R 420

Boxing Classes, Evaluations, Eating Plan and Gym Access

Genet-X Wellness Centre & Personal Training Studio


Stay fighting fit with up to a month of boxing classes with an evaluation and eating plan.

R 500 R 199

Laser Eye Therapy

Skin and Body Fitness


Dark circles and puffy eyes are treated with laser therapy that promotes lymph drainage around the eye

R 400 R 160

Live Blood Analysis Testing

Mother Nurture


Using a pin prick of blood, technicians provide information on bodily functions and gives a snapshot of health

R 350 R 175

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Skin and Body Fitness


Pulses of light instantly shatter the ink pigment, allowing fragmented hues to be purged by the body’s natural skin growth

R 300 R 119

Non-Invasive Body Analysis Scan and Consultation

Scientific Nutrition


Get on top of your health and fitness with a body scan and consultation at Scientific Nutrition

R 300 R 120

Health and Nutrition Coaching

So Chic


Weight-watchers find a more fun and informative way to shed pounds with their own personal coach

R 500 R 99