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Vitamin B12 and B Complex Injections

F.I.T Wellness


Stay healthy this winter with Vitamin B12 and B Complex Injections for up to six people

R 60 R 30

Brain Map Assessment at Brain Harmonics

Brain Harmonics

Grey matter is measured and discussed with a one-hour assessment from Brain Harmonics

R 400 R 160

Medical Consultation with a Range of Tests

Mayo Clinic


Health Care Practitioners examine patients from head to toe, inside and out, with various tests and assessments to ensure optimal health

R 1,520 R 608

Bicycle Service

Eagle Canyon Cycles


Get the bicycle taken care of with a major service for one or two bikes

R 500 R 250

Slimming Injections with a Cavitation Session

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven

Parktown North

Fat cells are busted with a series of injections followed by a Cavitation session to boast the slimming effect

R 1,250 R 499

Colon Hydrotherapy at Health Synergy

Health Synergy


Stay healthy inside and out with colon hydrotherapy and optional manual lymph drainage and ozone therapy at Health Synergy

R 550 R 275

Consultation, Scale and Polish or Teeth Whitening

The Dental Centre

Multiple Locations

Take care of your ivories with a dental consultation, scale and polish, whilst cultivation a winning smile with teeth whitening sessions

R 500 R 250

Vitamin B12 and B Complex Injections at Dr. Claire Sim

Dr. Claire Sim


Give immune systems and energy levels a winter boost with Vitamin B12 and B Complex injections at Dr. Claire Sim.

R 60 R 30

18 Holes of Golf with Accommodation

Middelburg Country Club


Up to four people enjoy 18 Holes of Golf with Optional Accommodation at Middelburg Country Club, and vouchers for the halfway house

R 950 R 475

Laser Lipo and Sauna Sessions

Contour Clinique Pty Ltd


Keep slim through the winter months with up to 10 laser lipo and sauna sessions

R 2,500 R 499

Round of Golf at Southdowns Country Club

Southdowns Country Club


Round up the buddies and have some fun with rounds of golf at Southdowns Country Club

R 350 R 175

Online Weight Management Hypnotherapy Course

Weller Associates

Step in and take control of your weight loss with an online weight management hypnotherapy course including 10 downloadable tracks

R 4,679.69 R 335

Mountain Hike and a Meal

Magalies Mountain Adventures


Hikers lace up their boots to conquer a scenic mountain trail, before settling in for a burger with chips or salad

R 438 R 118

18 Holes of Golf

Akasia Golf Club


Play a round of 18 holes of golf with up to four people with optional golf carts

R 220 R 110

Live Blood Analysis

Magnificent Health


A pin-prick of blood identifies imbalances and deficiencies in the body

R 725 R 189

18-Hole Game of Golf for Four

Pecanwood Golf & Country Club


Tee off in Hartbeespoort Dam with an 18-hole game of golf for four people, with an optional two carts available

R 1,680 R 1,008

Laser Lipo Sessions at Rapid Contour – Honeydew

Rapid Contour (Honeydew)


Non invasive lasers break down fat pockets causing excess centimetres to be ousted by the the bodies lymphatic system.

R 2,000 R 599

Teeth Whitening Sessions

Betta Smile


The customised treatment is divided into three comfortable two-hour sessions in relaxing surroundings

R 5,400 R 2,699

Two, Three or Five Fat Freeze Sessions

Rapid Contour (Honeydew)


Cold is used to break down fat cells which are consequently ousted by the lymphatic system

R 10,000 R 1,499

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session

Marietta Hindy-Solyom


Clinical hypnotherapist uses the power of suggestion to help clients to kick their nicotine habit during one-hour sessions

R 1,000 R 249

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Treatment

Salon Aesthete


Cold breaks down fat cells causing them to break up and be disposed of through the body’s own lymphatic system.

R 5,000 R 1,499

12-Month Weight-Loss Course

New Age Therapies

Cape Town

46 modules designed by an experienced alternative complementary health facilitator with full email support

R 1,140 R 228

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven

Parktown North

Non-invasive lasers break down fat cells while the FIR sauna dome sessions sweats out excess fat cells, leading to a slimmer appearance

R 1,800 R 630

18 Holes of Golf

Jackal Creek Golf Club


Enjoy a round of golf with up to four people with pretty views and an impressive location

R 185 R 92

Financial Modelling Course

SpecCon Online Training

Move up in the business world with a financial modelling course.

R 2,400 R 299

Laser Lipo Sessions

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven

Parktown North

Give free-loading fat cells their final notice with laser lipo sessions at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven

R 2,000 R 599

Online VBA Coding Course

SpecCon Online Training

Groupies learn how to write basic programs with a nine unit online VBA coding course including nine units and free codes.

R 2,400 R 299

Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome Sessions

Fantastic Body and Beauty Clinic


Centimetres are shaved off with laser lipo sessions followed by FIR sauna dome sessions with massages

R 2,000 R 650

Mole Removal

Sandton Beauty Clinic & Supplies


A trusted Somatologist with 20 years of experience, analyses moles before removing them with the cautery method

R 900 R 360

Pure Smile Teeth Whitening

U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic


Using an organic whitening gel, ivories are restored to their natural brilliance using no dangerous chemicals

R 750 R 375

Pole Dancing Lessons

Aphrodite Secrets


Feel sexy and active at Aphrodite Secrets with beginner pole dancing lessons

R 255 R 89.25

18-Hole Game of Golf

Riviera on Vaal country club


Golfers take to an 18-hole golf course to enjoy a game with optional carts to cart around golf clubs and trophies

R 420 R 199

Laser Lipo, FIR Sauna, a Body Scan and an Eating Plan at Slim...

Slim Curves


Winter bodies shed their excess with lipo sessions, FIR sauna blanket sessions, body scans and an eating plan

R 1,800 R 630

Boxing Classes, Evaluations, Eating Plan and Gym Access

Genet-X Wellness Centre & Personal Training Studio


Stay fighting fit with up to a month of boxing classes with an evaluation and eating plan.

R 500 R 199

Slimming Injections and Lymph Drainage Sessions

The Slim Factory


Trim down bodies with up to 20 Slimming Injections and Lymph Drainage Sessions at The Slim Factory

R 940 R 379

Japanese Sword Fighting

South African Kendo Federation

Multiple Locations

Learn to swashbuckle like a pro with Training Memberships for Japanese Sword Fighting at one of six dojos

R 400 R 140

18-Hole Golf at Mooipoort Golf Club

Mooipoort Golf Club


Putters take to the green for 18 holes of golf, facing off with two or four players with the option to add two golf carts

R 220 R 110

Breast Augmentation Sessions



Choose up to five breast augmentation sessions at iLux-Lipo

R 900 R 299

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Sessions

U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic


Using a cooling applicator, fat cells are frozen and ultimately broken up to be ousted by the lymphatic system

R 7,500 R 1,799

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Skin and Body Fitness


Pulses of light instantly shatter the ink pigment, allowing fragmented hues to be purged by the body’s natural skin growth

R 300 R 119

Spider Vein Removal Sessions



Technicians use dynamic, pulsed laser light to reduce the appearance of spider veins

R 400 R 139

Cobra Fit Sessions at CobraFIT Randburg

CobrafIT Randburg


Groupies get fit with up to 24 Cobra Fit sessions at CobraFIT Randburg, including a free protein recovery shake

R 720 R 274

Gym Membership with and a Consultation

Elite Personal Trainers


Get fit with a one month gym membership including one-on-one personal training sessions and a full body consultation

R 850 R 279

Yoga Classes at The Art of Movement

The Art of Movement


Strengthen cores and unlock the secret to inner peace with up to six months of unlimited yoga classes at The Art of Movement

R 550 R 192.50

Endermologie Sessions

Skin and Body Fitness


Improve skin tone and bust fat cells with a deep massage done with vacuum suction

R 300 R 135

Pole Dancing Classes

Pole Pixies


Take up a new fitness regime with up to four pole dancing classes per week for one-month at Pole Pixies

R 500 R 250

Pilates Sessions

Physiotherapy Studio


Core muscles are strengthened through a series of exercises aided by breathing techniques

R 720 R 288

Non-Invasive Body Analysis Scan and Consultation

Scientific Nutrition


Get on top of your health and fitness with a body scan and consultation at Scientific Nutrition

R 300 R 120

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