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Lunch with a Sweet Treat for Two at Giardini


Giardini(3.6 miles)

R 160 R 79

Soothe The Hunger

Wilge Coffee Shop

Pretoria(3.5 miles)

R 90 R 45

Two-Course Meal

Lemon Grove Coffee Garden & Kiddies Playground

Centurion(8.0 miles)

R 158 R 79

Celebration Cakes

Amu Cakes

Amu Cakes(4.7 miles)

R 550 R 275

Cake of the Day with a Choice of Drink for Two

Black Olive

Pretoria(7.8 miles)

R 100 R 50

Lunch at The Collection

The Collection

Pretoria(9.0 miles)

R 178 R 89

Mixed Sushi Platter at Delicious


Pretoria(4.4 miles)

R 222 R 111

50% Off on Netflorist Strawberry Range


R 299.95 R 149

Cappuccino and Lemon Meringue

Cuppa Volta

Pretoria(8.8 miles)

R 78 R 39

Gabbata Lodge Meal or Accommodation

Gabbata Lodge - Restaurant

Gabbata Lodge(10.9 miles)

R 360 R 180

High Tea at Litchi Coffee Shop

Litchi Coffee Shop

Litchi Coffee Shop(3.2 miles)

R 270 R 135

Meal and a Sweet Pastry

Beans 'n Berries Bistro

Pretoria(8.0 miles)

R 180 R 90

Online Wine Course

Topaz Wine Company

Topaz Wine Comapny(797.8 miles)

R 990 R 199

Gourmet Winter Packages at Lanzerac Wine Estate

Lanzerac Wine Estate

Lanzerac Wine Estate(796.5 miles)

R 3,050

Dinner at Dros Watermeyer

Dros Watermeyer

Pretoria(5.7 miles)

R 369.70 R 184

300g Ribs and a Quarter Chicken

Blacksteer Wonderpark

Blacksteer Wonderpark(8.0 miles)

R 297.80 R 149

Test Your Palate at Food Chain Café & Grill

Food Chain Café & Grill

Pretoria(5.0 miles)

R 117.90 R 58.95

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Sides

Food Chain Café & Grill

Food Chain Cafe and Grill(5.1 miles)

R 171.90 R 85.95

Any Pizza or Pasta

Food Chain Café & Grill

Pretoria(5.0 miles)

R 155.90 R 77.95

Madisons Breakfast, Pizza or Burger

Madisons Café

Madisons Café (6.1 miles)

R 522 R 240

Butter Chicken at Karai Indian Cuisine

Karai Indian Cuisine

Pretoria(5.0 miles)

R 163 R 99

Any Health Tower

Food Chain Café & Grill

Pretoria(5.0 miles)

R 111.90 R 55.95

Mega Breakfast and Any Coffee

Wilge Coffee Shop

Pretoria(3.5 miles)

R 144 R 72

High Tea at Cupcakes and Daisies

Cupcakes and Daisies

Pretoria(4.3 miles)

R 240 R 120

Focaccia and Any Pizza or Pasta

Napoli Pizza and Pasta

Napoli Piza and Pasta(2.5 miles)

R 213 R 107

Choice of Lunch

La Coco C

La Coco C(9.3 miles)

R 130 R 65

Beef or Chicken Burger with Fries


Pretoria(8.8 miles)

R 90 R 45

Moyo Zoo Lake: Breakfast or Lunch Buffet for Two

Moyo Magic at Zoo Lake

Moyo Zoo Lake(31.8 miles)

R 210 R 105

Sold Out

Three-Course Meal or Accommodation with Breakfast

Al Fiume

Hennops River(2591.2 miles)

R 650 R 329

Sold Out
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