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A rich and varied heritage

Jewish food has a rich and ancient tradition, and with a large Jewish community in South Africa the country is full of fine restaurants in which to savour the cuisine. With Groupon's exclusive offer of Jewish food coupons you will now be able to sample the many and varied dishes that have been passed down through the generations and that have been exported around the world. South Africa's strong Jewish community is spread across the four corners of the country so you should have no problem in locating a restaurant near you. Even if you know nothing of this cuisine, our Jewish food coupons will allow you to broaden your palate and experience food from another culture.

Ashkenazi and Sephardi food

Fish has long been a mainstay of this cuisine, as well as kosher meats. There is a distinctness between the dishes traditionally made by the Ashkenazi Jews that originate from Eastern Europe, and the more Arabic orientated food of the Sephardi Jews. Whichever cuisine you are looking to try, our Jewish food coupons mean you are able to sample the finest dishes from the diverse world of Jewish culture, and at a fraction of the usual price. As this ancient race has spread all around the world its cuisine has picked up many new and interesting flavours and created a fusion that is unique. Take advantage of our Jewish food coupons and give your taste buds a new and exciting experience!
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