Enjoy two delicious 200g pastas and two pizzas for you and three friends at il Paninaro for R112 (save 50%)

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In a Nutshell

- Save 50% on two 200g pastas and two pizzas - Choose between bolognaise, pomodoro, carbonara pasta and chicken and pineapple, sausage and onion, ham and mushroom pizza

The Fine Print

There is a particular dress-code for eating Italian food – no belt, pants with elasticated waists and over-sized shirts. This is because with every slice of pizza and every twirl of the fork you are giving in to the power of the Italian food and before you know it your pants are popping open, belts are being loosened and shirts are restricting your ability to breathe. Experience this phenomenon at il Paninaro where you and three friends can enjoy two 200g bowls of pasta and two pizza’s for R112.

Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services.

The staff at il Paninaro have begun to give after dinner pins instead of mints for pants that can’t close and have even installed a belt hanger for men and women to hang up their belts and fully enjoy their Italian food without restraints.  Choose from either delicious bolognaise, pomodoro or carbonaro pasta and a chicken and pineapple, sausage and onion or ham and mushroom pizza.


Be warned that it is impossible to eat all this food yourself and il Paninaro doesn’t want any stomachs exploding. Because of this, one voucher must be used by four people. Best to decide which two will have the pasta and which two will have the pizza beforehand to avoid any squabbles at the table. However, the food at other tables might influence a few last minute changes while you and your friends/family/neighbours/colleagues/random people you found on the street wait for your food.


Pizza fact #203: The first pizza made with pineapple on it was in Scotland in 1986. Paul Blacker, the local pizza maker was given a pineapple by his quirky cousin Jerome who recently visited Jamaica. Paul Blacker ran out of avo one day and instead used pineapple on his pizza. From that day forward, the pizza was known as Jerome’s Jamaican Surprise and not the Hawaiian as many people believe.

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