Pay R500 for a full body assessment and five personal training sessions, including one-on-one and group sessions at Lisa Raleigh Wellness Clinic, valued at R2105 (save 76%)

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In a Nutshell

  • Save 76% on a full body assessment and five personal training sessions
  • Sessions include one-on-one and group sessions for maximum benefits
  • Lose that winter weight
  • Be healthy and comfortable in your own skin
  • Ideal as a gift or for yourself

The Fine Print

  • Groupon redeemable for 6 months
  • Groupon on issued and valid once deal closes at midnight
  • Redemption only on presentation of individual printed Groupon(s)
  • Booking essential: 031 201 8585
  • Only one valid Groupon per person per visit
  • Only three valid Groupon(s) per person
  • Subject to availability of trainers and appointment times
  • Groupon only valid at Durban branch
Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services.

It’s been suggested the cold winter months bring lovers together.  People tend to forget though, that with winter comes another union; a union more terrifying than a zombified mother-in-law, and ever harder to shake.  Body, come over here and meet fat.  Fight that winter flab with a full body assessment and five personal training sessions at the Lisa Raleigh Wellness Clinic for R500.

Today’s Groupon offers you the opportunity to kick those loathed love-handles and thunderous thighs out of your life once and for all.  The Lisa Raleigh Wellness Centre is the love-child of former “The Biggest Loser” trainer, Lisa Raleigh; a personal trainer and fitness renegade whose innovative and specialized programme is designed to teach health basics and encourage endurance for those struggling to curb-kick the kilograms. 

The deal includes an initial full body assessment to determine your problem areas (as if that flabby tummy hasn’t been staring at you for weeks) so that the clinic can assign you to a programme to suit your fitness objectives.  Now that you’ve developed a genuine hatred for scales and measurement tape, focus your fury on the fat and free yourself from its doughnut-devouring clutches with five training sessions, including one-on-ones and group sessions.

After a month of sweating, steaming and abundant swearing; float out the door like a lighter, healthier and more enthusiastic version of your already amazing self.     

While today’s Groupon can change your life for the better in only a month, it can’t really do anything about the zombie-in-law.  You might want to get help and sort that out before it becomes a health risk.   

Health-kick: One of the strangest diets to be published was designed by a French woman named Patti Paresseux.  She suggested eating only low-fat yoghurt and working in a noodle bar. The smell of working and serving food all day in the noodle bar is supposed to make you feel full.

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