Pay R22.45 for steak, egg and chips at RJ’s Steakhouse, valued at R45.95 (save 51%)

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In a Nutshell

  • Save 51% on steak, egg and chips
  • Warm and cosy atmosphere
  • Trio of delicious tastes
  • Family friendly restaurant
  • Child’s play-area
  • AAA beef-cuts

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It’s a fact of life that good things come in threes, like leaves on a shamrock, the cheers you get after they sing happy birthday and the laws that stop your cappuccino machine from frothing you while you sleep. Prove that three is more a party than a crowd with today’s trio; a 150g steak, eggs and chips at RJ’s Steakhouse for R22.45.

Eating out usually involves a plethora of tough choices, almost like having to choose between good-grades and a social life when you were in middle school. Do you go to a restaurant where the food is delicious, but the waiter keeps his nose in the air like he has a nose bleed – or, do you put up with eh food for the comfortable atmosphere? Luckily, you don’t have to choose with RJ’s, because they give you food that will have your taste-buds doing celebratory tap-dances as well as an atmosphere that’s family friendly and comfortable enough to remind you of a mom and pop’s corner-diner complete with stylish décor and friendly service.

Well-done or pink the whole way through, the chefs at RJ’s don’t have a problem giving you exactly what you want. Combine 150g of flame-grilled, AAA beef cuts that are aged to perfection, topped with eggs and chips and your meal turns into a firework-filled dance-party for your taste buds; more intense and flavourful than gargling with pop-rocks and soda.

Whether you just want a night to bond with your steak or take your buddy’s out for some nosh they’ll never forget, RJ’s Steakhouse is the perfect place to do it.

Succulent Statistic: The most tender steak in the world comes from a small town in Alberta. The cows there live in a three-story mansion owned by a reclusive billionaire and are fed only sassafras, saffron and foods that start with s to increase their succulence. Unfortunately, their owner only sells five steaks a year.

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