Pay R120 for a Killer Platter for 2 at Jimmy's Killer Prawns (Save 50%)

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In a Nutshell

  • Save 50% on a Killer Platter for 2 at Jimmy's Killer Prawns 
  • Killer Platter consists of 18 medium prawns, hake, 4 mussels, spicy chicken strips and haloumi fingers served with rice, chips and stir-fry vegetables. 

The Fine Print

  • Groupon only sent when the deal closes
  • Does not include drinks, starters, desserts or gratuity
  • Groupon valid for 6 months
  • Deal only for Bedfordview location
Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services.

Jimmy's Killer Prawns are the best value for money and eating experience you will ever have! The restaurant provides a fun and sociable environment and absolutely addictive prawns.

The idea for Jimmy's Killer Prawns came to the creator Jimmy in a dream, now the dream is a reality. He has specifically developed a passion for quality seafood (especially prawns!) and this, together with his passion for serving people and making them happy, is what has turned Jimmy's Killer Prawns into a legend. 

This success gave support to the notion that the motivation for eating in a restaurant is far greater then simply fulfilling a need for food. It is a means of putting the pressure of the day behind oneself, a social and relationship building exercise and a form of entertainment. It is these needs which Jimmy's Killer Prawns addresses. Although over the years Jimmy’s Killer Prawns has changed and adapted itself to continually changing market needs it constantly remains true to the original concept of an exceptional product priced at a level which delivers true value to its customers. 

Your killer platter consists of 18 prawns, hake, 4 mussels, spicey chicken strips, and haloumi fingers served with rice, chips and stir-fry vegatables. All this at a 50% saving.

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