The perfect gift for him this Christmas: Pay R1195 for a JEEP Blue Face Chronograph watch OR R1495 for a ROBERTO CAVALLI ladies watch OR R1495 for a ROTARY Gent’s watch (Save 50%)

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In a Nutshell

  • Save 50% on designer watches
  • Pay R1195 for a JEEP Blue Face Chronograph watch, valued at R2399
  • Pay R1495 for a ROBERTO CAVALLI ladies watch, valued at R2999
  • Pay R1495 for a ROTARY Gents Classic Gold-Plated watch, valued at R2999
  • Authentic quality brands
  • Analogue displays and scratch resistant mineral glass
  • Look smart this Christmas season
  • Ideal as a Christmas gift 

The Fine Print

  • Groupon redeemable for 3 months
  • Redemption process: Email PDF copy of Groupon with all your contact details to
  • Groupon includes national delivery
  • Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery
  • Ensure the address entered is your daytime address as you will have to sign for the package e.g. work or home
  • Failure to adhere to the above will result in delay and potential additional costs for delivery
  • Groupon only issued and valid once deal closes
  • The picture displayed is just a representation
  • Groupon not redeemable with in-store promotions
  • Terms & Conditions apply

It’s hard to check the time when the bulk of your bling prevents you from lifting your arm.  If being weighed down with whale-sized watches and tricky trinkets isn’t your thing, keep it classy this Christmas and pay R1195 for a JEEP Blue Face Chronograph watch OR R1495 for a ROBERTO CAVALLI ladies watch OR R1495 for a ROTARY Gent’s watch. 


A watch is more than a simple time-telling device; cell phones and psychic time-telling dogs can do that.  Rather, a watch is a status symbol and a JEEP watch symbolises true class.  From the brand that symbolises freedom and capability for the modern man, today’s Groupon is offering you the stainless steel opportunity to sport a stylish and sturdy JEEP Blue Face Chronograph watch.  With more lives than Count Catular, scratch resistant mineral glass and a stainless steel bracelet, case and case-back; this is the perfect gift for the stylish stud who likes to live life on the edge. 


If you’re looking to induce some real wrist-envy, the gorgeous gilded ROBERTO CAVALLI ladies watch is bound to get the green eye of approval.  With a polished gold stainless steel bracelet and case back, beautiful chrome dial and the illustrious ROBERT CAVALLI logo on the gold face; this elegant and unusual piece is the ideal gift for the lucky lady in your life.


For a simple yet elegant look that clearly says “yeah, I’m the boss”, invest your time in a ROTARY Gent’s Classic Gold-Plated watch.  With a genuine leather strap and beautifully crafted attention to detail, this watch proves that when it comes to the on-going game of staying classy, less is most definitely more. 

Secure your status as the classiest time-teller on the block with one of three gorgeous designer watches.  

Watch this fact: According to the Institute of Watch Security, the safest place to hide a valuable watch is not inside a safe, but inside a half-full box of whole-wheat rusks
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