Save up to 56% on Extreme Lights LED cycling lights

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In a Nutshell

  • Save up to 56% on Extreme Lights LED cycling headlamps
  • Advanced Cree XM-L LED for luminous efficacy 
  • As bright as a car headlamp  
  • Weather-proof cycling lights
  • Very stable on handlebar
  • Ideal as a gift

The Fine Print

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  • Limited number available

  • Pay R699 for an Extreme Lights 1 200 LED cycling light, valued at R1 399
  • Pay 1 750 for an Extreme Lights 3 000 LED cycling light, valued at R3 995
Manufacturing unique lights with cutting edge technology, Extreme Lights’ road-brighteners keep cyclists visible at dusk and after dark. Making use of new LED technology, trail cyclists can peddle easy, knowing that the 3 000’s eight-cell battery pack gives the light all the power it needs to run on high for up to three hours. No other cycle light can match the Extreme Lights 1 200 and 3 000’s durability, practicality and sheer blinding power; ensuring that you’re never the deer in the headlights.

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What you need to know:
  •  The XLamp XM-L is the industry’s brightest, highest-performance lighting-class LED, now available in the full spectrum of white. With breakthrough light output and efficacy, XM-L is designed for very high-lumen applications such as high-bay, indoor commercial or roadway lighting.
  • XLamp XM-L LEDs offer the unique combination of very high efficacy at very high drive currents, providing a 20% efficiency gain over the XLamp XP-G LED at the same current. With this available efficacy, XM-L can lower total system cost by reducing the number of LEDs and optics in the system.

Extreme Light 1 200
  • Entry level light
  • Standard +5 000-8 300K LED
  • 1 200 Lumen 10W CREE XML T6 LED
  • Approximately 480 minutes of run-time
  • Rain-proof
  • Click here for more information on Extreme Lights
Extreme Light 3 000
  • 3 x 1 000 lumen Cree XM-L T6 LEDS, Real Lumen output 2 200-2 500
  • Four modes: High/Medium/Low/Flashing 
  • Battery level indication: The rear switch changes from Blue to red when the battery as less than 15% power remaining
  • Thermal protection which will dim the unit when the light over heats
  • Waterproof
  • Weight on the bike: 597g
  • Solid quick release-mount
  • Approximately 3 hours battery life if set on High
  • Charger with ZA plug
  • Click here for more information on Extreme Lights
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