Pay R1449 for one of two anti-allergy UV vacuum cleaners, valued at R2830

Value Discount You Save
R 2,830 49% R 1,381
4 bought

In a Nutshell

  • Save 49% on an anti-allergy UV vacuum cleaner
  • Choose from one of two models – the SMART or the HERA
  • 350 watt power rating with a 6 watt germicidal UV lamp
  • Eco-friendly and ergonomic
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Ideal as a gift

The Fine Print

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  • Please allow four weeks for delivery
  • Only issued and valid once deal closes
  • The picture displayed is just a representation

Most people know that houses, like children, need constant supervision and help. Also, like a child, if a house is left to its own devices, it will absolutely refuse to bathe, leave its rooms filled with half-chewed Doritos and bits of pizza crust, and leave its sneeze-inducing dust-bunnies to multiply into an army. Take your house in hand and pay R1449 for an anti-allergy UV vacuum cleaner.

Using a head full of know-how and some technology that wouldn’t feel out of place on a space-ship, the Raycop anti-allergy vacuum cleaners were created to solve that problem. Unlike your regular steeds of suction that just suck up your garden-variety bits of fluff and dirt, the revolutionary UV cleaners protect your family from dust, dust-mites and the dust on the dust-mites – essentially picking up all of the microscopic creepy-crawlies that live in your furnishings and carpets and protecting you from bacteria. 

Today’s Groupon gives you the choice of two models, both of which are non-toxic ninjas when it comes to eradicating dust, dirt and other undesirables – added bonus points are awarded because both are also eco-friendly and use no harmful chemicals.

The SMART (BK Series) cleaner is the most popular, and also the original. Convenient, compact and light-weight, it’s the vacuum of choice for more families than you could count on forty-thousand hands. The HERA (AP Series) adds ergonomic flair with cyclone vacuum technology. Both 350 watt cleaners feature a six watt UV-C germicidal lamp to kill 99.9% of germs, a vibrating pad to knock dust-mites out of their hidey-holes and micro-allergy filtration to safely assist in their removal.

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