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In a Nutshell

  • Save 41% on a Mineral Care Dead Sea hamper with delivery
  • Includes: 1kg mineral bath salts; 200ml mud oil pack; 500g dead sea mud; 50ml travel-sized body scrub; 50ml satin hand cream
  • Layers upon layers of mineral-rich mud makes the Dead Sea earth’s largest natural spa
  • Experience the astounding benefits of Dead Sea minerals in the comfort of your own home
  • Ideal as a gift 

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Since the first ancient soul took a quick dip in the salty waters, the Dead Sea has been recognised as Earth’s largest natural spa. With layers upon layers of mineral-rich mud, the Dead Sea is a natural reservoir of therapeutic powers and the closest there is to a real fountain of youth – sans the synthetic water features, of course. Turn back time while nourishing your skin with rich Dead Sea minerals with today’s Groupon: a Mineral Care Dead Sea hamper. Containing mineral bath salts, a mud oil pack, Dead Sea mud, a travel-sized body scrub and a special hand cream – it won’t be long until your skin is glowing like a kid on Christmas morning. 
Mineral bath salts – 1kg
  • Concentrated blend of 100% natural Dead Sea salts comprising of more than 40 minerals
  • A pampering bath experience with a remarkably stimulating effect
  • Proved to help skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Softens the skin, reduces itching, inflammation and redness while adding moisture back into the skin
  • Safe for babies with skin conditions
Mud oil pack – 200ml
  • Use for a revitalising, hypo-allergenic body wrap or massage
  • Based on 50% mineral-rich Dead Sea mud containing natural oils and vitamins
  • Contains vitamins which improve skin’s immune system
  • Predominant over cell metabolism of glucids, fatty acids, amino acids, iron and vitamin E
Dead Sea mud – 500g
  • Mineral-rich, 100% natural black Dead Sea mud
  • Invigorates and stimulates the skin; drawing out toxins and helping muscular aches and pains
  • Rich in skin-beneficial minerals and fat-absorbing ingredients
Travel-sized body scrub – 50ml
  • Combines mineral Dead Sea salts as natural peeling agents, essential oils and vitamins
  • Enriched with Royal Jelly Extract and Beeswax; vital agents in promoting skin’s nutrition and resistance to environmental aggressors
  • Contains Vitamin E to inhibit formation of free radicals and Vitamin C to improve skin’s immune system
Satin hand cream – 50ml
  • Unique, non-oily hand cream
  • Contains green tea for antioxidant properties
  • Contains regenerating marine algae and TCR complex
  • Enhances skin’s natural balancing function with natural oils and hydrating Dead Sea minerals 

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