Pay R529 for a Looftlighter Bundle, including Looftlighter, Looflighter Apron and Looflighter Gloves, valued at R887

Value Discount You Save
R 887 40% R 358
25 bought

In a Nutshell

  • Save on a Looftlighter
  • Includes: 1 Looftlighter, 1 set of gloves, 1 apron, national delivery
  • Ignites anything from charcoal to wood in 60 seconds
  • Advanced use of patented hot airstream – eliminates need for lighter fluid
  • Enhances outdoor cooking experience with its high design and safe, quick and easy-to-use equipment
  • Both environmentally friendly and safe for you
  • Eliminates chemical taste on meat that often comes from using lighter fluid

The Fine Print

  • Delivery included
  • Do not enter P.O. Box details as delivery address
  • Ensure the address entered is your daytime address as you will have to sign for the package e.g. work or home
  • Failure to adhere to the above will result in delay and potential additional costs for delivery
  • Groupon issued and valid once deal closes
  • Picture displayed is just a representation
  • Visit for more information on the product

Much like spending a day in stilettos or converting a vegetarian, buying a Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life is quite the challenge.  Instead of subjecting him to another pair of socks or a ‘practical’ set of boxer briefs, ignite his inner braai-man with today’s useful yet undeniably groovy Groupon: Pay R529 for a lighter fluid-free Looftlighter.


Is it an aquatic torch? Is it an extra-terrestrial lighter? Wrong again, it’s the innovative and freakishly functional Looftlighter: a Swedish-patented device that lights your outdoor braai or fireplace in a super-speedy 60-second operation.  Using a powerful patented hot airstream to sizzle coals and kindle wood, the Looftlighter is as safe as it is environmentally friendly; cutting down on toxic fumes from petroleum based products and providing the average South African braai-man with a safe and ouch-free alternative to using lighter fluid. 


Today’s Groupon includes:

  • One Looftlighter
  • One set of gloves
  • One apron

Why the Looftlighter?

  • It’s the fastest: with the tap of a well-placed button, this nifty gadget will ignite anything from charcoal to wood in 60-seconds
  • No more lighter fluid: the patented hot airstream eliminates the need for lighter fluid and removes the chemical taste that attaches itself to the braai meat when using petroleum based lighting products
  • Safety first: environmentally friendly and as safe as a shark in a sandbox, say goodbye to burns and smelly chemicals

Technical Specification

Size and Weight

  • Length: 452 mm (17,8 inches); Width: 65 mm (2,6 inches); Depth: 65 mm (2,6 inches); Weight: 880 g


  • 1800 Watt; 230V; 50 Hz; 600°C


  • 3 meter power cord (9,8 feet)
  • Integrated bottle-opener


Within two to three minutes, your pile of charcoal is hot and just about ready to cook: Each briquette is glowing red on the inside and coated with a fine layer of white ash. Perfect. It may be dorky, and it’s not suited for camping or picnic use — but for starting charcoal grills at home, I have to reluctantly admit that the Looftlighter works pretty well – Dylan Tweney,

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