Save up to 60% on internationally acclaimed Dead Sea skincare products by ObeyYourBody

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R 750 50% R 375
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In a Nutshell

  • Save up to 60% on luxurious Dead Sea skincare by ObeyYourBody
  • Save 50% On ObeyYourBody Nail Kit
  • Save 55% on ObeyYourBody Scrub, Dead Sea Mud and Body Butter
  • Save 60% on ObeyYourBody’s Night Cream and Anti-Pigmentation Cream 
  • Internationally acclaimed skincare range
  • Original Dead Sea minerals together with vitamins A, C, E, K, powerful anti-oxidants and plant extracts such as algae, Aloe Vera and borage seed oil (omega 3 and 6)
  • Miraculous health, beauty and skin regeneration powers; 40% in wrinkle depth reduction
  • Experience the astounding benefits of Dead Sea minerals in the comfort of your own home
  • Ideal as a gift 

The Fine Print

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  • Price includes national delivery
  • Delivery address must be physical address – PO Box address is insufficient 
  • Please allow four weeks for delivery
  • Groupon issued and valid once deal closes
  • Picture displayed is just a representation

Much like you can’t really fly all the way to Italy every time you want a taste of real pasta; paddling around in the Dead Sea for your facial fix isn’t something you can do often – or ever.  Unable to build your own spa on the Dead Sea like Cleopatra did? Experience the miraculous anti-aging properties of Dead Sea minerals in the comfort of your own bathtub when you save up to 60% on internationally acclaimed Dead Sea skincare products by ObeyYourBody.

Since the first ancient soul took a quick dip in the salty waters, the Dead Sea has been recognised for its miraculous health, beauty and skin regeneration powers.  With a mineral content of 26, 12 of which are found nowhere else on earth, the Dead Sea is the closest there is to a real fountain of youth – sans the synthetic water features of course.  Harnessing these unbelievable anti-ageing properties, ObeyYourBody’s internationally acclaimed skincare range brings you all the original Dead Sea minerals together with an array of vitamins, anti-oxidants and plant extracts like algae, Aloe Vera and borage seed oil (omega 3 and 6). 

Creating a powerful combination to revitalise, rejuvenate and restore a dermis-in-distress, the ObeyYourBody’s anti-ageing range is further enriched with Hyalauronic acid; a magic little potion which attracts water like steel to a magnet and Decorinyl, a collagen organising tetrapeptide which both plumps and firms your skin better than any fillers or facelifts. 

Pay R375 for an ObeyYourBody Nail Care Kit, valued at R750

  • Kit includes nail shaper, buffet, cuticle oil, hand and body lotion  
  • Pampering kit for stronger, glossier nails and healthy cuticles

Pay R799 for Exfoliating Salt Scrub, Body Butter and Dead Sea Body Mud, valued at R1775

  • Moisturising and exfoliating Dead Sea Salt scrub enriched with avocado, jojoba, sesame and apricot kernel oil
  • Shea nut Body Butter for intensive body hydration
  • Dead Sea Mud is famous for its medicinal benefits which include treating psoriasis, eczema, rosatia, arthritis, muscular pain, blood and circulatory disorders, stress , fatigue and insomnia
  • The perfect body treatment used in spas worldwide

Pay R960 for Age Control Night Cream and Anti-pigmentation Bright Cream, valued at R2400

  • Fights the signs of ageing
  • Contains hyalauronic acid and Decorinyl
  • Used together, the products help to create clear, radiant, youthful and healthy looking skin 
  • Says goodbye to needles and fillers 

Whether you’re looking to recapture your skin’s glossy youth or just keen to sport a complexion that belongs on a magazine cover, ObeyYourBody’s stunning range of skincare products will romance your skin like no other product; producing a happy, healthy and sweet-smelling dermis that you can be proud of.


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