Pay R219 for a full mini-valet OR Pay R40 for a car wash and vacuum at Wynland Car Valet (save up to 51%)

Value Discount You Save
R 80 50% R 40
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In a Nutshell

  • Save up to 51% when spring cleaning your car
  • Mini-valet includes wash, interior vacuum, polish, silicone, engine wash, tyre and bumper trim, dashboard polish, air freshener, window clean
  • Clean and sparkly automobile
  • High quality products and equipment
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Return your vehicle to its former glory

The Fine Print

  • Groupon redeemable for 2 months
  • Booking essential and subject to availability: 021 883 8059
  • Redemption only on presentation of individual printed Groupon(s)
  • Only issued and valid once deal closes
  • The picture displayed is just a representation
  • Limited number available
  • Groupon not redeemable with in-store promotions
Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services.

People spend a lot of money on fancy soaps and high-pressure shower heads, loofahs and exfoliating facecloths to keep themselves clean. The carpets get shampooed, the tiles get mopped and even the dog gets a bath once in a while. How is it fair then, that man’s real best friend, his trusty automobile, is left to stew in its own muck? Let fresh-smelling justice prevail and save up to 51% on either a mini-valet or a wash and vacuum at Wynland Car Valet.

It’s not just mud, the occasional pigeon mess on your paint-job and enough dust to write ‘clean me’ in that can make a car look worse than it should: it’s grime on your tyres, shoe-prints on your dashboard and those little smudgey-spots you get on your windows from breathing on them and drawing little hearts. Aiming a hose at your car from twenty metres will do as much good for cleaning it as slapping a white sheet over a mud-puddle.

The automobile enthusiasts at Wynland Car Valet know that it takes more than the Cape Town rain, or the occasional sloppy sponge-off isn’t enough to keep your car clean. Once all the clean-me notes are banished from the exterior with a well-aimed wash and polish, the interior of the car can be tackled. The vacuum will get rid of any straw beach sand or unicorn hair and a dashboard polish will take care of any shoe-prints. The dedicated staff will even wash your engine and your windows, tyre trim and bumper trim and hang a delightfully scented air-freshener; even a brand new vehicle will never be that sparkly and clean.

Even if you’re not interested in going the whole hog, a wash and vacuum will make sure it doesn’t look like you left your car in the dog-house. A good soap-up can make even the most abused automobile look shiny and newish again.

Car Wash Fact: An ex-NASCAR driver is rumoured to work at a local car-wash in down-town Devon. Though it’s never been confirmed, he should be easy to spot. He underwent an elbow-transplant surgery after a particularly nasty season on the track and had his elbow replaced with a bowling ball.

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