Choice of Breakfast and Coffee

Café Santé

Café Sante(0.7 km)

R 49

Tshisanyama with Sides and a Beer Each for Two


Amadoda(2.6 km)

R 99

Barbecue Burger and Homemade Chips for Two

The Mash Tun CPT

The Mash Tun(1.9 km)

R 49

The Famous Butchers Grill: 200g Rump or Sirloin and Dessert

The Famous Butchers Grill

The Famous Butchers Grill(0.9 km)

R 396 R 198

Brownies & Downies: Full English Breakfast

Brownies & Downies Cape Town

Brownies & Downies(0.3 km)

R 71 R 45

Gin Tasting for Two

Woodstock Gin Company

Woodstock Gin Company(3.2 km)

R 130 R 49

Choice of a Pizza or Pasta Each for Two

Café Santé

Café Sante(0.7 km)

R 198 R 99

Double Burger or Foot Long Hot Dog with a Gourmet Shake Each...

Franky's Diner

Franky's Diner(3.3 km)

R 322 R 199

Choice of Tapas Plates for Two

Viva Café

Viva Café(1.2 km)

R 120 R 59

Choice of Breakfasts and a Hot Drink

Loaves on Long

Loaves on Long(0.4 km)

R 89 R 49

O'Driscoll's: Gourmet Burger for Two


O'Driscoll's(0.4 km)

R 168 R 84

Hearty Two-Course Dining Experience for Two

Driftwood Café

Driftwood Café(14.6 km)

R 400 R 219

Craft Beer Tasting

Wild Clover Breweries

Wild Clover Breweries(35.7 km)

R 100 R 49

Spit Braai for Up to 20

Gordon's Spit Braai

Gordon's Spit Braai(23.9 km)

R 1,699 R 799

Choice of Lunch for Two

Quarter Deck International

Quarter Deck International(30.3 km)

R 198 R 99

32-Piece Sushi Platter with Salmon Roses

Kobe Sushi

Kobe Sushi(6.7 km)

R 105

Two-Course Meal for Two with a Bottle of Wine

Franchise 9

Franchise 9(1.0 km)

R 462 R 199

Wagyu Cheeseburger and Choice of Drink for Two


Mondiall(1.6 km)

R 322 R 159

Two-Course Fine Dining Experience for Two


Mondiall(1.6 km)

R 470 R 249

Breakfast at Quarterdeck International for Two

Quarter Deck International

Quarter Deck International(30.3 km)

R 180 R 90

Sevruga Restaurant: Fine Dining Experience for Two

Sevruga Restaurant

Sevruga Restaurant(2.0 km)

R 504 R 359

Any Meal for Two

Viva Cafe

Viva Café(1.2 km)

R 140 R 69

12 Themed Cupcakes

High Tea Tighty

High Tea Tighty(11.4 km)

R 300 R 149

Seafood Platter or Mixed Grill for Two

Atlantic Express Train Restaurant

Atlantic Express Train Restaurant(3.5 km)

R 398 R 199

Gallagher's Restaurant: Two-Course Meal for Two

Gallagher's Restaurant

Gallagher’s Restaurant(1.7 km)

R 199

Crêpe with a Beverage and Game Play for Two

Big Box Cafe

Big Box Cafe(1.1 km)

R 166 R 89

Constantia Wine Tour: Guided Wine Tour with Lunch and 4x4 Trip...

The Constantia Wine Tour

The Constantia Wine Tour(11.1 km)

R 3,870 R 1,999

Three-Course Dining Experience for Two

Atlantic Beach Golf Club

Atlantic Beach Golf Club(20.3 km)

R 530 R 299

Moyo Eden on the Bay: Two-Course Meal for Two

Moyo Eden on the Bay

Moyo Eden on the Bay(14.6 km)

R 466 R 249

30-Piece Sushi Platter


Tokyo(26.2 km)

R 99

Trenchtown: "Hold No Quarter" Half Metre Pizzas


Trenchtown(4.4 km)

R 119

All Things Sushi at Hamachi


Hamachi(7.9 km)

R 149

The Stud Burger and 500ml Craft Beer for Two

The Stud Burger and Saloon

The Stud Burger and Saloon(2.9 km)

R 250 R 149

Kurdish Mezze Platter with Naan and Dessert


Mesopotamia(0.6 km)

R 420 R 199

Gallagher's Restaurant: Three-Course Meal for Two

Gallagher's Restaurant

Gallagher’s Restaurant(1.7 km)

R 590 R 379

Build Your Own Pizzas for Two

The Portuguese Taverna

The Portuguese Taverna(4.7 km)

R 138 R 69

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