Indian Curry Tasting Platter for Two

The Spice lounge

The Spice lounge(2.6 km)

R 280 R 168

Two-Course Ethiopian Experience for Two

Cafe Abyssinia

Cafe Abyssinia(0.7 km)

R 190 R 110

Executive Breakfast Buffet for Two with Optional Accommodation

Executive Suites @555

Executive Suites @555(1.5 km)

R 360 R 180

Crinkley Bottom Park: Steak, Onion Rings, Sides and a Drink for...

Crinkley Bottom Park

Crinkley Bottom Park(21.8 km)

R 160

Double Burger with Wedges for Two

East Oasis

East Oasis(38.5 km)

R 186 R 99

Brewery Tour, Tasting and 1l Bottle of Beer for Two

Nottingham Road Brewing Company

Nottingham Road Brewing Company(110.2 km)

R 300 R 150

Grandstand Ballito: Carve into a Full Baby Chicken or Eisbein...

The Grandstand Ballito

The Grandstand Ballito(39.5 km)

R 210 R 139

Tuck in with Baby Chicken, Prawns and Sides for Two

Ku D Ta

Ku D ta(2.5 km)

R 195

Dig into a Quarter Chicken and 10 Prawns with Sides for Two

The Spice lounge

The Spice lounge(2.6 km)

R 150

Choice of Mains and Desserts for Two at Zanzibar Westwood

Zanzibar Westwood

Zanzibar Westwood(5.6 km)

R 260 R 130

Italian Treats with L'Aperitivo Caffe'

Cafe L Aperitivo

Café L Aperitivo(14.1 km)

R 120 R 59

Gourmet Burger with Cocktail or Craft Beer for Two

Pop-up Society Restaurant

Glenwood(2.5 km)

R 238 R 152

Burger and Beer Combo for Two at Oscars


Durban(1.4 km)

R 124 R 74

Two-Course Ethiopian Tasting Experience for Two

Cafe Abyssinia

Cafe Abyssinia(0.7 km)

R 315 R 170

Bierfassl Restaurant: Two 800g Eisbeins, Sides and Craft Beer...

Bierfassl Restuarant

Bierfassl(6591.3 km)

R 263 R 169

Build Your Own Takeaway Pizza at Pizza Pronto

Pizza Pronto

Pizza Pronto(38.5 km)

R 96 R 48

Get Deliciously Creative with Scoop Me S'More

Scoop Me S'More

Scoop Me S'More(2.7 km)

R 49

Online Wine Course

Topaz Wine Company

Topaz Wine Comapny(1234.8 km)

R 990 R 199

Vicky Christina's: Grilled Calamari with Sides for Two

VickyCristina's Hillcrest

VickyCristina's Hillcrest (24.5 km)

R 258 R 99

Pasta or Burger with a Drink for Two

Mad Monks

Mad Monks(26.8 km)

R 172 R 99

Your Java Fix


Durban(1.2 km)

R 120 R 60

Coco's on Florida: Durban Style Meals and Drink for Two

Coco’s on Florida

Coco’s on Florida(1.4 km)

R 248 R 149.99

Sold Out

General Access Tickets to Comedy Lounge

Comedy Lounge

Comedy Lounge(0.4 km)

R 180 R 100

Sold Out
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