Get Sweet with Cupcakes or Celebration Cakes

Amu Cakes

Amu Cakes(7.5 km)

R 550 R 275

Ga Rouge Restaurant: Choice of Duo Main Meals for Two

Ga Rouge Restaurant

Ga Rouge Restaurant & Wine Cellar(19.9 km)

R 440 R 220

Any Health Tower

Food Chain Café & Grill

Pretoria(8.0 km)

R 111.90 R 55.95

Test Your Palate at Food Chain Café & Grill

Food Chain Café & Grill

Pretoria(8.0 km)

R 117.90 R 58.95

Online Wine Course

Topaz Wine Company

Topaz Wine Comapny

R 990 R 199

Meal of The Day for Two

Wilge Coffee Shop

Pretoria(5.7 km)

R 90 R 45

Two-Course Meal

Lemon Grove Coffee Garden & Kiddies Playground

Centurion(12.8 km)

R 158 R 79

Savoury or Sweet Pancake for Two

Woody's Kitchen

Woody's Kitchen(11.6 km)

R 98 R 49

Six-Cup Chemex Coffee and Muffins

Brewtown Coffee Co

Brewtown Coffee Company(36.9 km)

R 102 R 55

Choice of Any Two Organic Smoothies


Orthentic(20.7 km)

R 110 R 59

Mutton or Chicken Curry and Rice for Two

Karai Indian Cuisine

Pretoria(8.0 km)

R 157 R 89

Mimmos Lynnwood: Step out with a Two-Course Meal for Two

Mimmos Gift Acres

Mimmos Gift Acres(8.6 km)

R 279.60 R 142.80

Any Pizza or Pasta

Food Chain Café & Grill

Pretoria(8.0 km)

R 311.80 R 149.66

Rhapsody's Sunnyside: Choice of Main Meal and Sides for Two

Rhapsody's Sunnyside

Rhapsody's Sunnyside(54.8 km)

R 278 R 139

Casbah Roadhouse: Ribs or Chicken Schnitzel and a Drink for Two

Casbah Roadhouse

Multiple Locations(2.1 km)

R 240 R 129

Mimmos Watermeyer: Two Course Meal for Two

Mimmos Watermeyer

Mimmos Watermeyer(7.5 km)

R 299.60 R 149

Cattle Baron: Choice of Mains for Two

Cattle Baron

Centurion Lifestyle Centre(17.5 km)

R 972 R 447

Three-Course Korean Experience for Two

Propaganda Restaurant

Propaganda Restaurant(9.5 km)

R 420 R 209

Dinner at Dros Watermeyer

Dros Watermeyer

Dros Watermeyer(9.2 km)

R 649.60 R 318

Cattle Baron Centurion: Two Course Meal for Two

Cattle Baron

Centurion Lifestyle Centre(17.5 km)

R 274 R 137

Choice of Meals for Two at Taste Life Café

Taste Life Cafe

Taste Life Cafe(13.4 km)

R 130 R 65

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Sides

Food Chain Café & Grill

Food Chain Cafe and Grill(8.1 km)

R 171.90 R 85.95

28-Piece Sushi Platter with a Drink for Two

Sushi on Main

Sushi on Main(9.6 km)

R 460 R 219

Sushi Platters at Hamachi


Cape Town

R 149

Savoury Platters

Delightful Delicacies

Delightful Delicacies(16.2 km)

R 215.60 R 107

Three-Course Meal for Two at Maharaja Indian Restaurant

Maharaja Indian Restaurant

Bryanston(40.3 km)

R 251 R 139

Wind Down with a Choice of Meals with a Glass of Wine for Two

Lemon Groove Carlswald Decor Centre

Lemon Groove (29.8 km)

R 368 R 189

Mega Breakfast and Any Coffee

Wilge Coffee Shop

Pretoria(5.7 km)

R 144 R 72

Start The Day Fresh with Breakfast for Two

Luvcake South Africa

Luvcake South Africa(12.0 km)

R 166 R 83

Enjoy a Feast from the East with a Takeaway Veg or Chicken Biryani


Sharjah(37.8 km)

R 196 R 98

200g Beef or Chicken Burger with Chips for Two

D'cadence Restaurant

D'cadence Restaurant(11.9 km)

R 70

Meal and Virgin Cocktail at Sumting Fresh

Sumting Fresh

Fourways Farmers Market(39.2 km)

R 310 R 161.20

Quarter Sugar Beans or Chicken Bunny Chow for Two

The Curry Delhi - Chilli Lane

Curry Delhi (36.8 km)

R 124 R 65

Choice of Pizza for Two at Madisons Café

Madisons Café

Madisons Café (9.8 km)

R 166 R 83

Mexican Fiesta Meal for Two

Pablo's Mexican Cantina

Johannesburg(38.7 km)

R 385 R 195

Lemon Groove: Tuck Into a 200g Sirloin Steak and Glass of Wine...

Lemon Groove Carlsworld

Lemon Groove (29.8 km)

R 318 R 159

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