If you love the exotic flavours of South American food and the diverse tastes of Brazil, you simply must collect our Groupon Brazilian food coupons in Cape Town. When you buy the Brazilian food coupons in Cape Town, you receive savings of up to 70%. With savings like this, you can treat your friends to dinner at your local Brazilian restaurant and save on the total of your bill. Brazilian food is influenced by many different and diverse cultures, such as Japanese, European and African. Acaraje is a dish originating from the West African recipe Akara. It consists of ground black eye beans, onions, chilli pepper, black pepper and garlic. The mixture is shaped into balls, stuffed with shrimp and deep friend in Palm Oil. Sample foods like Acaraje, with great discounts, when you purchase Brazilian food Coupons in Cape Town.

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Beans are a popular ingredient used in Brazilian cuisine, as are coconuts and seafood. Moqueca baiana is another African influenced dish made in Bahia, containing both seafood and coconut. This stew also combines onions, garlic, tomatoes, coriander, coconut milk and palm oil and has been enjoyed by Brazilians for over 300 years. The stew is cooked slowly, allowing all of the flavours to blend. Moqueca Capixaba is another version, local to Espirito Santo. This variant is heavily influenced by Native Brazilian flavours, like raw bananas, achiote and olive oil. Collect your Brazilian food Coupons in Cape Town today.

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