One of the last activities that come to mind when contemplating a visit to Cape Town is skiing! South Africa is all safaris and sunny beaches and the idea of skiing near Cape Town is eccentric to say the least! But it's possible, and what's more it can be done with coupons which give a whacking discount! Coupons are now available, issued by Groupon (who seem to cater to the most extravagant whims of their clientele), and high prices are more than halved when using coupons. So if you care to consider the possibility of skiing near Cape Town know that it can be done, and cheaply, using coupons.

Skiing near Cape Town - where and when

Once one has accepted the idea that one can go skiing near Cape Town using coupons, it is time to consider practicalities. Although it is famed for its sunshine, South Africa has mountains and snow, so skiing near Cape Town is not such a strange idea. The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in Southern Africa (rising to 3482 metres) with a developing tourist industry on its slopes. Another possibility is to travel (about 900kms) to the beautiful Tiffindell ski-area with two kilometres of pistes, alpine-style ski-resorts and abundant snow. Naturally the African winter is the best time, so take advantage of these super leisure offers by Groupon and use your coupons when conditions are perfect for your skiing holiday near Cape Town

Ski For Less With a Great New Offer

In one of the most exciting leisure offers in a long time, the cost of ski vacations has been slashed by up to 50% with budget skiing for all in Capetown. You can use this exceptional promotion to cut the costs of your next ski holiday and friends and family can benefit too. Thanks to this new deal from Groupon your next holiday won't break the bank. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate skier there's a top resort that's just right for you. Now you can enjoy some of the best snow and great runs with this fabulous money saving offer. Take the family on the holiday of a lifetime or go with a group of friends. Everyone can enjoy the same low prices.

Hit The Slopes and Save

Keen winter sports lovers will be delighted when they see just how much they can actually save with deals on skiing that cover them for excellent vacations or lift passes. You won't have to save for months to be able to enjoy a great holiday with cheap skiing offers in Capetown and as skiing is a sport which all the family can enjoy together you'll really be able to save a considerable sum when you follow the instructions on our website. Have a look today for all the information you'll need to enjoy the vacation of your dreams at a price you can afford. Don't forget to tell family and friends about this stunning deal, they're certain to want a piece of the action and with such great savings on skiing, who can blame them?

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