Durban,South Africa is a long way from Korea but you can always satisfy a craving for authentic Korean dishes. They are done by veteran chefs from Korea and are served at specialist restaurants or classy hotels that serve varieties of international cuisine which is expensive. Cost is a worry that you can put aside with Groupon Korean food coupons for Durban. The coupons will get you generous discounts of up to 70%.

Eat, drink and be merry

Whether you are a long time lover of Korean cuisine or you're just discovering it, you will be able to sample it with your Korean food coupons for Durban. You can enjoy staples like rice or Ssalbap which is accompanied by different side dishes including seasoned vegetables, pot stew, meat and soup. Traditional Korean meals always include kimchi which is a mix of different pickled vegetables which you can sample with your Korean food coupons in Durban. Other staples from this country are oenjang which is a paste made of soybeans. Meat dishes which are done with seasoning such as beef or bulgogi and galbi which is pork or beef ribs is another Korean favourite. The country's oldest food is juk or porridge and you can get a taste of it with your Korean food coupons for Durban. You can round up your culinary tour of Korea at a Korean restaurant with traditional liquor or a tray of desserts known as gagwasang which includes tea and cookies.

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