Health and Fitness in Johannesburg

Slimming Packages from R149 for One at NCT Nutrition (Up to 93% Off)

NCT Nutrition

Choose between three packages that include features such as a body composition scan and various therapies and sessions

R 800 R 149

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Two Teeth Whitening Sessions for One for R699 at Aurora Aesthetic Center (68% Off)

Aurora Aesthetic Center

Brighten your smile with two teeth whitening sessions

R 2,200 R 699

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Laser Lipo Sessions from R599 at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven (Up to 80% Off)

Rayshine Esthetics Salon
Rayshine Slimming Beauty Haven

Give free-loading fat cells their final notice with laser lipo sessions at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven

R 2,000 R 599

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Laser Lipo, FIR Sauna, a Body Scan and an Eating Plan from R630 at Slim Curves (Up to 80% Off)

Slim Curves (Pty) Ltd

Winter bodies shed their excess with lipo sessions, FIR sauna blanket sessions, body scans and an eating plan

R 1,800 R 630

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Laser Lipo Sessions from R560 for One at Le-Beaut (Up to 85% Off)


Get into your desired shape with up to 12 laser lipo sessions for one

R 2,800 R 560

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Ultrasound Cavitation Sessions from R299 with Optional Lymph Drainage at Sandton Skin and Body Clinic (Up to 75% Off)

Sandton Skin and Body Clinic

Using only the best products, Sandton Skin and Body Clinic provides a variety of different beauty services

R 1,000 R 299

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Breast Sonar Ultrasound from R550 for One at Pink Ribbon Centre (Up to 64% Off)

Pink Ribbon Centre

Take care of your health with a choice of a sonar ultrasound or a mammogram with the Pink Ribbon Centre

R 1,200 R 550

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Laser Lipo, Fir Sauna Dome and Inbody Scan from R630 with CoraSlim (Up to 75% Off)


Target fat cells and achieve a summer shape with aser lipo sessions followed by a FIR sauna dome session and an Inbody Scan

R 1,900 R 630

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18 Holes of Golf from R235 for One at Eagle Canyon Country Club (49% Off)

Eagle Canyon Country Club

Enjoy the outdoors while playing 18 holes of golf with up to four people

R 460 R 235

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Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome from R630 at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven (Up to 75% Off)

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven
Rayshine Slimming Beauty Haven

Non-invasive lasers break down fat cells while the FIR sauna dome sessions sweats out excess fat cells, leading to a slimmer appearance

R 1,800 R 630

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Tattoo Removal Sessions from R119 at iLux-Lipo (Up to 70% Off)


Choose to remove an otherwise permanent choice with up to two sessions of tattoo removal for a small, medium or large area

R 300 R 119

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Fat Freeze Sessions from R349 for One at U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic (Up to 82% Off)

U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic

Get rid of unwanted fat and get into your desired shape with up to three fat freeze sessions

R 1,650 R 349

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Four Introductory Swimming Lessons from R220 for One at Little Lifeguards Swimming School (Up to 59% Off)

Little Lifeguards Swimming School

Kids master their fear of water and learn to swim with up to eight introductory swimming lessons

R 400 R 220

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Dental Consultation and Teeth Cleaning from R299 for One at Dentists @410 (Up to 74% Off)

Dentists @410

Brighten your smile and boost your confidence with a dental consultation and teeth cleaning

R 2,200 R 579

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18 Holes of Golf from R199 with Optional Golf Carts at ERPM Golf Club (Up to 64% Off)

ERPM Golf Club

Practice that swing and putt with 18 holes of golf for two or four people with a choice of using a golf cart while playing

R 560 R 199

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Hiking or Mountain Biking with a Burger and Chips from R115 for Two with Impact Adventure Africa (Up to 60% Off)

Impact Adventure-Africa
Impact Adventure Africa

Enjoy an outdoor experience with hiking or mountain biking and a burger and chips for up to six people

R 460 R 207

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One 60-Minute Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment Session from R199 for One at BioBarica (Up to 67% Off)


Speed up your recovery and healing with up to three hyperbaric oxygenation treatment sessions

R 550 R 199

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Extensive Eye Examination from R80 for One with 20% off Frames at Sameera Hajat Optometry (60% Off)

Sameera Hajat Optometry
Sameera Hajat Optometrist

Address eye problems with an extensive eye examination for one or two people

R 400 R 160

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18 Holes of Golf from R69 for Two at Sun Valley Golf (Up to 54% Off)

Sun Valley Golf

Golfers take to the green for a round of golf for two or four people on an 18-hole short course

R 150 R 69

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Slimming or Chilli Wrap from R95 at French Clinic (Up to 60% Off)

French Clinic

Choose between a chilli or slimming wrap and reduce the appearance of cellulite while detoxing the body

R 190 R 95

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Spider Vein Removal Sessions from R119 for One at iLux-Lipo (Up to 68% Off)


Technicians use dynamic, pulsed laser light to reduce the appearance of spider veins

R 300 R 119

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Three Slimming Injections and Three Sauna Blanket Sessions from R299 for One at Skin and Body Fitness (Up to 81% Off)

Skin and Body Fitness

Shed excess weight and look healthier with slimming injections and sauna blanket sessions at Skin and Body Fitness

R 1,260 R 299

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Two-Ball Round of Golf from R175 at Southdowns Country Club (50% Off)

Southdowns Country Club

Practise your swing with a two-ball round of golf at Southdowns Country Club

R 350 R 175

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Extensive Eye Test from R89 with 20% Off Spectacles at Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists (78% Off)

Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists

Get your and the kids’ eyes checked out and get 20% off your new spectacles (frame and/or spectacle lenses)

R 400 R 89

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Dental Consultation, Scale & Polish from R250 for One with Optional Teeth Whitening at The Dental Centre (Up to 55% Off)

The Dental Centre

Take care of your ivories with a dental consultation, scale, and polish, with an optional teeth whitening for a winning smile

R 500 R 250

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Scenic Hike from R99 for Two with Optional Breakfast with Adventure Horse Riding (Up to 59% Off)

Adventure Horse Riding
Horse Riding Adventure

Be one with nature and enjoy a scenic hike along the bushveld, followed by a filling breakfast

R 200 R 99

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NLP Life Coaching Sessions from R199 for One at Anew Outcome (79% Off)

Anew Outcome
Forest Drive

Live to your full potential and identify and shift limiting beliefs with up to five Neuro Linguistic Programming life coaching sessions

R 950 R 199

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Four-Ball Game of Golf with Two Carts for R899 at Parys Golf Club (56% Off)

Parys Golf Club
Free State

Golfers hit the green for a four-ball game of golf with two carts

R 2,040 R 899

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Live Blood Analysis from R189 at Magnificent Health (Up to 74% Off)

Magnificent Health

A pin-prick of blood identifies imbalances and deficiencies in the body

R 1,450 R 384

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Cobra Fit Sessions from R274 at CobraFIT Randburg (Up to 72% Off)

CobrafIT Randburg
club 24

Groupies get fit with up to 24 Cobra Fit sessions at CobraFIT Randburg, including a free protein recovery shake

R 720 R 274

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Slimming Injections from R259 for One at The Bedazzled Beauty Studio

The Bedazzled Beauty Studio
Bedazzled Beauty Studio

Slim things down with up to 15 slimming injections

R 259

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Live Blood Analysis from R99 for One at Live Smart (Up to 82% Off)

Live Smart

Receive a live blood analysis with lifestyle and symptoms evaluation, as well as dietary and supplemental suggestions for up to three people

R 375 R 99

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Abseiling Experience from R450 with Earth Adventures (Up to 60% Off)

Earth Adventures
Free State

Altitude-defiers master the art of descending a vertical surface with an abseiling experience

R 900 R 450

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Dental Consultation and Cleaning from R389 for One at Smilessence (Up to 65% Off)


Get your pearly whites looking good with a dental consultation and cleaning for up to two

R 950 R 389

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Three Slimming Injections with a Cavitation Session from R499 for One at Rayshine Esthetics Salon (Up to 70% Off)

Rayshine Esthetics Salon
Rayshine Aesthetics Salon

Get into shape with up to ten natural lipolytic slimming injections with cavitation sessions for one at Rayshine Esthetics Salon

R 1,250 R 499

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Mole Removal from R360 at Sandton Beauty Clinic and Supplies (Up to 70% Off)

Sandton Beauty Clinic & Supplies
Sandton Beauty Clinic

A trusted Somatologist with 20 years of experience, analyses moles before removing them with the cautery method

R 900 R 360

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18 Holes of Golf from R199 for Two with an Optional Golf Cart at Emfuleni Golf Estate (Up to 58% Off)

Emfuleni Golf Estate
Emfuleni Golf and Country Club

Get swinging on the banks of the Vaal River with 18 holes of golf with up to two optional golf carts at Emfuleni Golf Estate

R 400 R 199

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Two or Four-Ball 18-Hole Game of Golf from R110 with Optional Golf Carts at Mooipoort Golf Club (Up to 57% Off)

Mooipoort Golf Club

Putters take to the green for 18 holes of golf, facing off with two or four players with the option to add two golf carts

R 440 R 198

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Unlimited Boxing Classes from R99 for One Month at Ultimate Boxing Fitness Gym (Up to 85% Off)

Ultimate Boxing Fitness Gym

Burn up to 1 200 calories in an hour with unlimited boxing classes for up to two months

R 500 R 99

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Beginner Pole Dancing Lessons from R89 for One at Aphrodite Secrets (Up to 72% Off)

Aphrodite Secrets

Feel sexy and active at Aphrodite Secrets with up to seven beginner pole dancing lessons

R 255 R 89

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Personal Training Sessions, Gym Membership, Meal Voucher & Massage from R299 at Elite Personal Trainers (Up to 88% Off)

Elite Personal Trainers

Get a jump start on that summer body with one-on-one personal training sessions, meal voucher, sports massage and gym membership

R 1,705 R 299

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18 Holes of Golf from R142 for One at Jackal Creek Golf Club (Up to 60% Off)

Jackal Creek Golf Club
Jackal Creek Golf Estate

Improve your swing with an 18-hole golf experience

R 285 R 142

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60-Minute Non-Surgical Face Lift Sessions from R272 for One at Chrysalis Spa (Up to 70% Off)

Chrysalis Spa

Turn back the hand of time with up to four 60-minute non-surgical face lift sessions

R 680 R 272

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Weight Loss Programme & Seven MyFutureBody Meals from R149 for One with (Up to 55% Off)
Cape Town

Get into a fit state of mind and sculpt your body with a selection of weight loss programmes

R 300 R 149

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One-Month Studio Gym Membership for R249 for One at FitKey (50% Off)

Multiple Locations

Get into shape in time for summer with a One-Month Studio Gym Membership for One

R 495 R 249

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Semi-Private Pilates Classes from R199 at Pilatelicious (Up to 90% Off)


Create lean physiques while strengthening core muscles and improving balance with up to 15 semi-private Pilates classes

R 1,500 R 199

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Slimming Package Session from R199 for One at Purple Apple Body Studio (Up to 75% Off)

Purple Apple Body Studio

Get into your desired shape with up to three slimming package sessions for one

R 500 R 199

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Four Yoga Classes from R99 for One at Vamos Verde SA (Up to 76% Off)

Vamos Verde SA

Increase your overall strength, endurance and stamina with up to twelve yoga classes at Vamos Verde SA

R 400 R 99

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Belly Dance Classes from R149 for Two at Shalimar's Belly Dancing Studio (Up to 79% Off)

Shalimar's Belly Dancing Studio
Shalimar's BellyDancing Studio

Learn a new set of moves with one-hour belly dance classes for up to four people

R 600 R 149

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