Health and Fitness in Johannesburg

Laser Lipo Sessions from R599 at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven (Up to 80% Off)

Rayshine Esthetics Salon
Rayshine Slimming Beauty Haven

Give free-loading fat cells their final notice with laser lipo sessions at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven

R 2,000 R 599

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Laser Lipo Sessions from R560 for One at Le-Beaut (Up to 85% Off)


Get into your desired shape with up to 12 laser lipo sessions for one

R 2,800 R 560

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Three Two-Hour Teeth Whitening Sessions from R2 699 at Betta Smile (Up to 55% Off)

Betta Smile

The customised treatment is divided into three comfortable two-hour sessions in relaxing surroundings

R 5,400 R 2,699

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Two Teeth Whitening Sessions for One for R699 at Aurora Aesthetic Center (68% Off)

Aurora Aesthetic Center

Brighten your smile with two teeth whitening sessions

R 2,200 R 699

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Quit Smoking Ear Acupuncture for R299 at Zipp Health (50% Off)

Zipp Health
Dr GH Zipp and Associates Inc.

Auriculotherapy uses spiral coils, that are treated with Trivortex Technology producing a biochemical reaction in the brain

R 600 R 299

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Laser Lipo, FIR Sauna, a Body Scan and an Eating Plan from R630 at Slim Curves (Up to 80% Off)

Slim Curves (Pty) Ltd

Winter bodies shed their excess with lipo sessions, FIR sauna blanket sessions, body scans and an eating plan

R 1,800 R 630

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Slimming Injections from R259 for One at The Bedazzled Beauty Studio

The Bedazzled Beauty Studio
Bedazzled Beauty Studio

Slim things down with up to 15 slimming injections

R 259

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Breast Enlargement Sessions from R299 at iLux-Lipo (Up to 73% Off)


Enjoy up to three breast enlargement sessions at iLux-Lipo

R 1,800 R 489

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Dental Consultation and Teeth Cleaning from R299 for One at Dentists @410 (Up to 74% Off)

Dentists @410

Brighten your smile and boost your confidence with a dental consultation and teeth cleaning

R 1,100 R 299

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18-Holes of Golf from R288 for Two at CMR Golf Club (Up to 60% Off)

CMR golf club

Play a round of golf on a 72 par course with bent greens for two or four people

R 640 R 288

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Dental Check-Up and Polish from R260 for One at Dr Vishantha's Rooms (Up to 78% Off)

Dr Vishantha's Rooms
National Health Centre

Keep your pearly whites in pristine condition with a dental check-up and cleaning

R 1,180 R 260

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Two-Ball Round of Golf from R175 at Southdowns Country Club (50% Off)

Southdowns Country Club

Practise your swing with a two-ball round of golf at Southdowns Country Club

R 350 R 175

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Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Dome from R630 at Rayshine Slimming and Beauty Haven (Up to 75% Off)

Rayshine Slimming & Beauty Haven
Rayshine Slimming Beauty Haven

Non-invasive lasers break down fat cells while the FIR sauna dome sessions sweats out excess fat cells, leading to a slimmer appearance

R 1,800 R 630

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Fat Freeze Sessions from R349 for One at U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic (Up to 82% Off)

U-nique FAT Freeze & Beauty Clinic

Get rid of unwanted fat and get into your desired shape with up to three fat freeze sessions

R 1,650 R 349

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Hiking or Mountain Biking with a Burger and Chips from R115 for Two with Impact Adventure Africa (Up to 60% Off)

Impact Adventure-Africa
Impact Adventure Africa

Enjoy an outdoor experience with hiking or mountain biking and a burger and chips for up to six people

R 230 R 115

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Live Blood Analysis from R189 at Magnificent Health (Up to 74% Off)

Magnificent Health

A pin-prick of blood identifies imbalances and deficiencies in the body

R 725 R 189

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Four-Ball Game of Golf with Two Carts for R899 at Parys Golf Club (56% Off)

Parys Golf Club
Free State

Golfers hit the green for a four-ball game of golf with two carts

R 2,040 R 899

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18 Holes of Golf from R199 with Optional Golf Carts at ERPM Golf Club (Up to 64% Off)

ERPM Golf Club

Practice that swing and putt with 18 holes of golf for two or four people with a choice of using a golf cart while playing

R 560 R 199

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Mole Removal from R360 at Sandton Beauty Clinic and Supplies (Up to 70% Off)

Sandton Beauty Clinic & Supplies
Sandton Beauty Clinic

A trusted Somatologist with 20 years of experience, analyses moles before removing them with the cautery method

R 900 R 360

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Laser Lipo, Fir Sauna Dome and Inbody Scan from R630 with CoraSlim (Up to 75% Off)


Target fat cells and achieve a summer shape with aser lipo sessions followed by a FIR sauna dome session and an Inbody Scan

R 1,900 R 630

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One-Year Golf Club Membership at The Players Golf Club for R799 (47% Off)

The Players Golf Club
Cape Town

Golfers gain access to golf-lessons, a PGA professional as well as an Official SAGA affiliated membership card and an official SAGA handicap

R 1,499 R 799

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18 Holes of Golf from R235 for One at Eagle Canyon Country Club (49% Off)

Eagle Canyon Country Club

Enjoy the outdoors while playing 18 holes of golf with up to four people

R 460 R 235

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One-Hour Brain Map Assessment from R160 at Brain Harmonics (Up to 70% Off)

Brain Harmonics
Multiple Locations

Grey matter is measured and discussed with a one-hour assessment from Brain Harmonics

R 400 R 160

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Laser Lipo Sessions from R599 at Rapid Contour (Up to 80% Off)

Rapid Contour

Non invasive lasers break down fat pockets causing excess centimetres to be ousted by the the bodies lymphatic system.

R 4,000 R 999

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NLP Life Coaching Sessions from R199 for One at Anew Outcome (79% Off)

Anew Outcome
Forest Drive

Live to your full potential and identify and shift limiting beliefs with up to five Neuro Linguistic Programming life coaching sessions

R 950 R 199

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18 Holes of Golf from R69 for Two at Sun Valley Golf (Up to 54% Off)

Sun Valley Golf

Golfers take to the green for a round of golf for two or four people on an 18-hole short course

R 150 R 69

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One 60-Minute Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment Session from R199 for One at BioBarica (Up to 67% Off)


Speed up your recovery and healing with up to three hyperbaric oxygenation treatment sessions

R 550 R 199

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Stretch Mark Removal and Reduction from R99 at Tazkia Skin and Body Clinic (Up to 75% Off)

Tazkia Skin and Body Clinic

Trained therapists do away with stretchmarks during a removal and reduction session

R 300 R 99

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Slimming or Chilli Wrap from R95 at French Clinic (Up to 60% Off)

French Clinic

Choose between a chilli or slimming wrap and reduce the appearance of cellulite while detoxing the body

R 190 R 95

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18-Hole Round of Golf from R99 at Randfontein Golf Club (Up to 60% Off)

Randfontein Golf Club

Take to the green with an 18-hole round of golf for up to four people

R 220 R 99

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18-Holes of Golf from R145 for One at Germiston Country Club (Up to 60% Off)

Germiston Country Club

Try to perfect your swing with 18-holes of golf for up to four people

R 290 R 145

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Dental Consultation, Scale & Polish from R250 for One with Optional Teeth Whitening at The Dental Centre (Up to 55% Off)

The Dental Centre

Take care of your ivories with a dental consultation, scale, and polish, with an optional teeth whitening for a winning smile

R 500 R 250

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Beginner Pole Dancing Lessons from R89 for One at Aphrodite Secrets (Up to 72% Off)

Aphrodite Secrets

Feel sexy and active at Aphrodite Secrets with up to seven beginner pole dancing lessons

R 255 R 89

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Unlimited Boxing Classes from R99 for One Month at Ultimate Boxing Fitness Gym (Up to 85% Off)

Ultimate Boxing Fitness Gym

Burn up to 1 200 calories in an hour with unlimited boxing classes for up to two months

R 500 R 99

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Two-Month JustGym Membership for One for R299 at Planet Fitness JustGym - Various Branches (50% Off)

Planet Fitness JustGym
Multiple Locations

Jumpstart your fitness and weight loss journey with a two-month membership at Planet Fitness JustGym in Johannesburg

R 599 R 299

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Dental Consultation and Cleaning from R389 for One at Smilessence (Up to 65% Off)


Get your pearly whites looking good with a dental consultation and cleaning for up to two

R 950 R 389

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Extensive Eye Examination from R80 for One with 20% off Frames at Sameera Hajat Optometry (60% Off)

Sameera Hajat Optometry
Sameera Hajat Optometrist

Address eye problems with an extensive eye examination for one or two people

R 200 R 80

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Extensive Eye Test from R89 with 20% Off Spectacles at Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists (78% Off)

Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists

Get your and the kids’ eyes checked out and get 20% off your new spectacles (frame and/or spectacle lenses)

R 400 R 89

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Live Blood Analysis from R99 for One at Live Smart (Up to 82% Off)

Live Smart

Receive a live blood analysis with lifestyle and symptoms evaluation, as well as dietary and supplemental suggestions for up to three people

R 375 R 99

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Slimming Packages from R149 for One at NCT Nutrition (Up to 93% Off)

NCT Nutrition

Choose between three packages that include features such as a body composition scan and various therapies and sessions

R 800 R 149

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One Month of Pole Dancing Lessons from R299 at Steel Divas Lonehill (Up to 57% Off)

Steel Divas

Get fit and learn to pole dance with Steel Divas

R 700 R 299

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Four Swimming Lessons from R220 for One at Little Lifeguards Swimming School (Up to 59% Off)

Little Lifeguards Swimming School

Kids master their fear of water and learn to swim with up to eight swimming lessons

R 400 R 220

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Weight Loss Programme & Seven MyFutureBody Meals from R149 for One with (Up to 55% Off)
Cape Town

Get into a fit state of mind and sculpt your body with a selection of weight loss programmes

R 300 R 149

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One-Month Studio Gym Membership for R249 for One at FitKey (50% Off)

Multiple Locations

Get into shape in time for summer with a One-Month Studio Gym Membership for One

R 495 R 249

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One Month Unlimited Class Access for R199 at The Fit Pit (83% Off)

The Fit Pit
Fit Pit

Work your way to that desired physique with a month of unlimited access to The Fit Pit for all classes on offer

R 1,150 R 199

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Three Slimming Injections and Three Sauna Blanket Sessions from R299 for One at Skin and Body Fitness (Up to 81% Off)

Skin and Body Fitness

Shed excess weight and look healthier with slimming injections and sauna blanket sessions at Skin and Body Fitness

R 1,260 R 299

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Tattoo Removal Sessions from R119 at iLux-Lipo (Up to 70% Off)


Choose to remove an otherwise permanent choice with up to two sessions of tattoo removal for a small, medium or large area

R 300 R 119

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Two or Four-Ball 18-Hole Game of Golf from R110 with Optional Golf Carts at Mooipoort Golf Club (Up to 57% Off)

Mooipoort Golf Club

Putters take to the green for 18 holes of golf, facing off with two or four players with the option to add two golf carts

R 220 R 110

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Pole Dancing Lessons from R75 for One at Sultry Studios (Up to 60% Off)

Sultry Studios

Have fun and get fit while learning some exciting new dance skills with up to 10 pole dancing lessons

R 150 R 75

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